Stevie - iHeart Radio (11.07.2014)

‘Twisted’ was written in 1995 for a movie called ‘Twister’ and I was actually approached to write it for this movie. So I kinda, uh, I went and saw the movie without any music in it and really, uh, you know, got the gist of what these crazy people do when they follow these tornadoes around in cars and, um, are almost killed, and why they do it is to protect us and to be able, you know, warn the, uh, American public or wherever that there’s a tornado coming. And, um, so, it was pretty, you know, pretty violent and scary and so I went and I wrote this song called ‘Twisted’ and, um, uh, I recorded it with Lindsey for the movie and, uh, we did a, uh, you know, we did a movie version of this song. And, um, years and years later - like a couple of months ago - I was listening to, uh, some demos and the ‘Twister’ demo that I had originally made in my house in Phoenix, um, came on and at first I didn’t recognize it because it’s very, very different than the version that went in the movie. And I just went like, I just love this song and I think song deserves another chance because I think any song that goes into a movie - unless it’s a huge, you know, unless it’s like a, you know, Terminator movie or something - is gonna be heard, seen for a second and never thought of again. So I thought this song deserves to be re—recorded and re-done and so I just decided that it should be on this record. So I took it with me to Nashville and, of course, they did it exactly like my demo which I loved because that’s the way I really always wanted it to be, anyway. And it’s, you know, it’s not just a song about tornadoes; it’s a song about when a man or a woman comes into your life and they are a tornado and they almost just wipe you out and, uh, so it’s, it is a love song. And it’s kind of a crazy love song and, um, I’m very proud of it because it is so much what I always wanted it to be and I hope everybody, you know, everybody has their ‘She Loves Him Still’ and everybody has their tornado. So, this is for all the tornadoes in peoples’ lives that are actually human.

‘Lady’ was written right after Lindsey and I moved to Los Angeles. We had, uh, rented a small space to rehearse in and the man who owned the space actually gave us a big, white upright carved grand piano that was in pretty bad shape but sounded good. And, um, asked me if I wanted it and I said ‘Well, of course I want it. Even though I don’t play piano. But I’ll learn’. And so, um, we took it to our apartment and, uh, I started plunking around on it and this was when Linds and I were, you know, we didn’t, we were scared. For sure. About being in Los Angeles and we were wondering if we should’ve stayed in San Francisco and stuck, tried to get a record deal up there. We had actually moved to LA because we thought the music’s in San Francisco but the record deals are in LA. So we packed up and moved to Los Angeles to get a record deal and, but it was a very, um, unnerving time cos we knew we were really good and we believed in ourselves and our producer Keith Olsen believed in us but it was still, you know, there was no money and we weren’t doing gigs; we were just really working on songs and anyway, I think this was probably the first song I wrote on that piano which means it was the first song I ever wrote on a piano. It was like, you know, probably preceded Rhiannon by six or seven songs. By Rhiannon I was playing a little bit better but the chords on ‘Lady’ strangely enough are incredibly complex or so I’m told by anyone who actually knows how to play. Um, and it was, you know, it was just a time and it was a time where we were on our journey and we believed in it but we were hoping we weren’t, wouldn’t fail. And, uh, it says, you know, ‘I know that things have gotta change but how to change them isn’t clear, I’m tired of knocking on doors when there’s nobody there’. Uh, it was hard. So I named it ‘Lady’ because I felt that some spirit up there was saying ‘you’re going to make it, you’re going to get there, don’t give up’