Stevie - Herald Sun (02.11.2006)

In the Mac's 2004 live shows, Buckingham, happily married with three kids, and Nicks hugged warmly for one song and slow danced for another.

But Nicks dispels any inference of rekindled love. For starters, she knows, to the exact second, the duration of the slow dance.

"Way back, Lindsey and I made a plan. We wanted to work to buy a beautiful house to live in, and have our music touch the world. So when we slow dance, we go back to the day we made that plan. We got our dream. It's good, it's sweet. But do I want to be married to Lindsey? No. Does Lindsey want to be married to me? No. I am only happy he found somebody who can deal with the craziness of his life.''