Stevie - BBC Radio 2 (09.16.2011)

Stevie Nicks: The Eagles were famous before Lindsey and I ever moved to Los Angeles. We drove to LA and I remember listening to that song, thinking what a great song it was. And of course, as all women my age did at that point, we were all hoping that we would actually be the witchy woman. Premonition-wise, you know, I would come to know Don Henley quite well. I, in fact, even do know who the actual Witchy Woman was. It was somebody who became a very famous jeweller.

Ken Bruce: Ooh.

SN: The Eagles were very inspirational to both Lindsey and I because we loved their singing. And we loved their ability to bridge country and rock'n'roll so beautifully. I thought that 'Witchy Woman' was just the perfect mix of country rock'n'roll, and so we were very inspired by that, Lindsey and I. We were very inspired by The Eagles, never knowing that, you know, that on down the line, six years from then, we would meet all The Eagles and know them. And it was kind of cool because I think I felt that somehow we would end up knowing them in the years to come. 

SN: 'Cry Me A River'. Well, I just thought it was so interesting that he wrote that about Britney Spears, and then the video is so good, and the decoy that looks like Britney is just fantastic. Cos it really does tell the story of what happened. But at the same time, when it first came out, I was really mad at Lindsey. So this song comes out and I was in Maui for like two months, and I just walked around that house playing this song over and over and over, just going, "Cry me a river." I listened to it so many times, it just became part of the tapestry of my head for months. And it's just a brilliant song. And I think that Justin Timberlake's pretty brilliant too, so it just become one of the songs that went on my collections of stuff that I listen to again before I go onstage. And so I love it.