Stevie - BBC 6 Music (09.13.2013)

Stevie Nicks: I did have a little talk with Lindsey at the very end of 2011, and I said, “We really need to, we need to remember who we were. We need to go back there and be that sweet little couple that started this whole thing. We need to remember who we were, and we need to take that onstage, and we need to not be angry with each other anymore.” And he listened to me. It was an hour and a half talk, and he listened. 

Lauren Laverne: Okay. I mean, that is one of the things that makes Fleetwood Mac very special. It’s connected to the music but it’s slightly separate. The fans feel connected to the story behind the band. I mean, how conscious are you of that? And do you feel that that’s very important to you, and that your connection with your fans is different because of it?

SN: Well, it certainly has been over the past forty-seven shows. I think that this tour in comparison to the 2009 tour, where we were like kind of like just nothing. We were not, we were not connecting at all. We were just standing up there and doing our own thing. I was doing my songs, Lindsey was doing his songs, and, uh, the songs that we did together we were sort of in our own focused world. We weren’t, we were not at all joined. And, uh, I said to Lindsey, “We cannot do that again. We have got to be a power couple. We’ve got to walk onstage and be that fantastic power couple that everybody wants to be. And spread the love. We have to do it. It’s up to us. And if we’re going to be bored and distant then I can’t do this anymore.” And he listened to me. And I’m sorry I didn’t have this talk with him twenty five years ago. Because I think, sometimes I think men - and I love men - but sometimes I think they just don’t get it. 

LL: Is, I mean -

SN: I don’t think he understood. I honestly don’t. When I was talking to him, he was looking at me with that kind of like “Really?” You know, I mean, like he really didn’t realize that it had gone so far off. And I said, you know, we have to pull it back because it’s in our power to do that. 

LL: So your communication has to be, it has to be kind of explicit. Because this is one of my other questions that I was going to ask. We’re so short on time but I kind of imagined that you would develop a telepathy. You know, with a band who have been through so much together and over so many years. Not the case?

SN: Well, you can be mechanical. And still be great. But I don’t care about mechanical and I don’t care about great. I care about compassion. I care about us standing up there and having people - When he comes, you know, if he’s like that me - I’m just touching the girl’s next to me shoulder - 

LL: Lisa’s freaking out.

SN: It’s like if he comes over and does that to me and he looks at me and he means it, the audience is like “Oh my god”. And they love it. And in my own way, I’m kind of like “Oh my god” too. Because that is, then I remember who we were. And I remember how really sweet we were, you know. My parents just thought we were great, you know what I mean? We lived together for five years. We were all practical purposes as married as you could be. And I’ve never had a relationship with anybody like that, you know. Where we lived together everyday in a house - in two different houses - and, um, I took care of the house and him and sewed his jeans and fringed them and sewed moons and stars on them and made sure that he ate well and made sure our little poor house was beautiful, you know, and that his life was good. I did that. And that’s who I want to be onstage this time, and that’s kind of what we have done, and that is exactly why this tour is so successful.