Mick - Guitar Center (August 2002)

GC: Is Stevie doing the lion's share of the writing?

Mick: Lindsey and Stevie--equally right across the board. Lindsey's arranging Stevie's songs, like he wanted to do in the old days. It's very different, a lot of guitar playing, a lot of great acoustical stuff, finger picking, some real off the wall stuff. A lot of hard hitting. I think people are going to be woken up with this album. The guys in the band are unleashed. And we've gone back to some real hard-hitting rock and roll. I had a lot of fun. Very eclectic.

GC: As a founding member, did you feel a responsibility to mediate in these conflicts or sort of coach the team?

Mick: Christine and John were married, and Stevie and Lindsey weren't married, but they might as well have been. And they all were in this band. So I became like Lindsey said in one of his songs, "piggy in the middle." The reality is that every single person in Fleetwood Mac had their relationship in pieces, at the same time, that in itself is quite unusual. The hard thing was for those four people in the band, not myself, because they had to work together. It was right at the beginning of this tidal wave that we were looking at and going, "We're off to the races here. It's going great. I'd just come off a hit album, are we going to make it?" A lot of people thought for sure we would break up. From that moment on, there's no doubt, my responsibility, from just the way I am as a person, has very often been to always find a way to glue it together. And we made it. In good humor, especially during the making of this album and the last Fleetwood Mac tour maybe 5 years ago now, was an extremely happy one. We're all grown up - but these are people who've been in love with each other, seriously in love with each other and are able to take the physical element out of it, but emotionally and musically reconnect in a way that is very special. That's definitely apparent on this album, very specifically with Stevie and Lindsey. I think there is a lot of reconnecting in some of the songs, which will translate as only they can and have done in the past. There's some magic there that has so much history to it that survived in the nicest possible way where people can come back together and say, "My god, we're not in love but we love each other in a way that means something."