Lindsey - Guitar World Acoustic (March 1998)

GWA: How much did drugs contribute to the dissolution that finally led to the split after Tango in '87?

BUCKINGHAM: As far as being creative, it kept getting worse and worse as did the way the individuals in the band conducted their lives. Drugs affect everything, because your priority becomes to do drugs. It was tough in the end. Stevie, you really couldn't talk to her, you couldn't make eye contact. It was hard to recognize someone I had known and lived with a few years before, and there were a lot of hurtful things going on.

GWA: And you have to share your deepest emotions with everyone through music.

BUCKINGHAM: Right, exactly! We were working on such a fundamental level with each other, giving over the most vulnerable parts of ourselves to people we've been so close to before. Really, getting through the whole 12 years was like an exercise in denial for me. Cut to 1997 and I'm in my garage working on my next solo album, and suddenly all these things come to the surface and I'm able to look at them in a more adult way. And you realize that everyone did the best they could. So finally all the baggage is gone.