Lindsey - BBC R1 w/ Johnnie Walker (06.27.1992)

JW: Just talking about family and things, going back to that Buckingham/Nicks album, that we played a track from earlier on, it says dedicated to AJ Nicks - the grandfather of country music. Stevie's dad or?

LB: No, her grandfather. He was an aspiring country & western singer and he was quite a colourful guy. He never made it as a country singer and he was a little frustrated, but he had a lot of, he'd written a couple of great songs and I think he was probably somewhat of an influence on Stevie in her fledgling days.

JW: Well he got his name on a good album that should be out on CD, shouldn't it?

LB: You know, Stevie and I brought the rights back to that a couple of years OK, and there just hasn't been a time when it seemed opportune. Umm I've understood... about six months ago I found out that of the things you can't get on CD, that's like number one requested, so we'll probably put that out at the beginning of next year, I have a feeling.

JW: Yeah, I think you waiting for your album to do really well, maybe get a better deal.

LB: Well yeah, I don't want to complete with myself. (laughs)