Fleetwood Mac - BBC Radio 2 (09.28.2011)


Whistle Test: Tell me how you and Stevie linked up with the band, Lindsey.

Lindsey Buckingham: Well, um, [laughs] Mick was looking for a studio in which to record. And this was last, uh, well, about a year and eight months ago, I guess now, and, um, he ended up in a place called Sound City out in the San Fernando valley, talking to an engineer called Keith Olsen. Just to check out the studio. So Keith put on a song of Stevie’s and mine off an album that we’d had out about a year earlier called Buckingham Nicks, just to show Mick what the monitors sounded like and what the whole studio’s sound was like. And so, um, Mick heard a song called ‘Frozen Love’ and I guess liked it, and about a week or so later, Bob Welch decided he was going to leave the group. And I guess Mick had been sensing Bob’s unrest for awhile anyway and had kind of, you know, filed the song that he had heard of ours away for future reference. And he just called us up and said, “Hey, would you like to join?” 


Stevie Nicks: Even though we were already famous then - We were just famous, and so there was a certain demeanour that both Lindsey and Mick had that, um, was very kind of precious. And that’s, I guess, just youth, you know. Very easygoing and just kind of explaining the situation, and I think, you know, when you get really famous year after year after year, you get a little arrogant and a little conceited. And we all do. That’s not there then. And that’s really kind of lovely to see. 

Bob Harris: Yeah. There’s an innocence.

Stevie Nicks: There’s an innocence that’s very - Yeah. And that innocence is great, you know. I mean, that’s the guy that I loved, that’s the, you know. In fact, that, both of those men. I loved both of those men at different times. And, uh, THOSE are the guys that I loved, the more sweeter, younger versions of who they are now. Because of that innocence. I mean, I think that maybe, you know, when I watch Lindsey in that video and I know exactly why I fell in love with Lindsey and exactly why I spent, gosh, almost eight years with Lindsey, you know. It’s, I see it. And I remember it. And I really hadn’t seen anything like that in a long time. I mean, you see pictures of us at that age, you know, and they’re beautiful photographs, but you don’t hear them talking. So that is a, that’s a mind-blower.