Stevie - LA Times (12.04.2012)

Jump to early 2012, when – as Nicks calls them – “the boys” in Fleetwood Mac got together to work on new material. Nicks had just lost her mother to pneumonia, then contracted the virus herself, and was unable to join them. The three soldiered on, with Buckingham writing two songs specifically for Nicks. A few weeks ago she heard those rough tracks for the first time.

“I went up to Lindsey’s house, he played me all of the songs, and we chose two,“ Nicks said on Monday. "He said, ‘I really tried hard to be you, to really see through your eyes when we were doing these songs, and make these songs that you would really like, and that you would really relate to.’”

She says the process was quite different than the last time they collaborated in 2002 for “Say You Will” because Buckingham and Nicks weren’t in a professional studio this time. “We were in his house where his wife and children are,” she said. “We had dinner with his family every night, and it was a whole other deal. We spent half the time working on these two songs, and the other half of the time we spent talking about our life, going all the way back to the beginning, to 1966 when we first met in high school, when he was a junior and I was a senior.

“We laughed and laughed and laughed about all the crazy things that have happened to us,” she said, describing the interactions as “a very cathartic time, and a very healing time, I think. And the songs came out great.“

Nicks said the two songs are called "Sad Angels” and “Miss Fantasy,” and will be available in the months leading up to the tour. “The words are very interesting, and the melodies are great, and it’s like they did go back to a time long ago. I think the world will be very taken with these songs.”