Mick - Daily Telegraph Podcast (10.21.2015)

I think so. Uh, I think in terms of - I don’t think Lindsey and Stevie will ever not be able to sort of press various emotive buttons that exist. One lives in hope, as I think they do.

[asked if ‘the relationships get easier’]

We often get asked, you know, Stevie and Lindsey - I think the lovely thing about these two people is that they’ve done what they do now since they were sixteen years old, you know. And you go like, ‘What?!’ Sixteen. And they’ve been sweethearts and the whole thing and everything, without us rambling on about it. They’ve failed to see eye to eye very often, but I think that’s hugely - You can’t go on doing that sort of, that type of dynamic. But one thing that’s so real - Cos people say, ‘Well, you know, what’s really going - ’ And I go like, ‘These people, when they work together, is that’s their magic.’ And that’s where, they don’t touch that. They know it exists. It’s precious. It’s undeniable.

And they have huge amounts of loyalty. That’s, as an observer, I go, ‘I know you don’t agree, and you get upset with each other from time to time’, but the loyalty about these two people is ASTOUNDING. And you think, it has to be - Cos they don’t need to be doing this. But the loyalty to who they are and from whence they came is astounding. And that’s what you see really blossoming for those two people. It’s their celebration. They can’t have the celebration of one-on-one love and they’ve long since moved on from all of that, but not necessarily ever completely healed, one might say.