Fleetwood Mac - Sunday Night (08.11.2013)

VO: The loss put a lot of things in perspective, especially her relationship with Lindsey. Stevie decided that after thirty-six years, it was time to make peace.

Stevie: My Mom always said to me too, you know, “It’s really easy to say ‘I’m sorry.’ Just walk up to somebody and say, ‘I am really sorry, honestly. I’m really sorry.’” And that’s it. That’s all you have to say. And that’s just something that we didn’t say very much. 

Interviewer: Both of you needed to apologise -

Stevie: Both of us.

Interviewer: - to each other?

Stevie: *nods*

Interviewer: And now you have?

Stevie: *nods* Mm-hmm.

Interviewer: And it’s changed everything.

Stevie: It’s changed everything. And so for the better.

Interviewer: What was his response?

Stevie: His response was good. His response was more or less, “I wish you’d told me all this a long time ago.” And so then you’re like, well, “I should, you know - I didn’t take the time to sit down and explain to you why I wasn’t happy, because I thought you knew. And you didn’t. You didn’t know.”

Interviewer: Do you wish you’d had that chat -

Stevie: Yeah, I do.

Interviewer: - years ago?

Stevie: I certainly do. It would’ve certainly made the last thirty years easier. Sure a lot more fun this way.