Fleetwood Mac - Dan Neer (12.24.2012)

STEVIE: I think that this time everything’s going to really be better. I think that everybody’s in a much better place and, you know, Lindsey’s been out doing a lot of touring by himself. He seems softer and more friendly and sweeter to me, and I think that has a lot to do with those solo gigs. And also, you know, he has three children that are under fifteen. And two of them are girls. Uh, he lives in a very feminine world. He and son like they kind of hide in the back, you know, because there’s girls *everywhere*. He’s involved in a very girly world and that is very good for me, because he, you know, he is definitely got a much better take on women now than he did before he had those little girls.

LINDSEY: Well, I mean, there is some truth in that but that’s not something that just happened last week. I mean, I have a son who’s fourteen and two daughters who are twelve and soon to be nine. And, you know, I look at the whole idea of being a family member, a spouse and a parent as a great gift because it came to me relatively late and it came to me after I saw a lot of my friends and people I knew who in previous decades were not really there for their families in the way I would have wanted to see myself be. And it is. It’s been a great gift and she’s absolutely right that it’s been very grounding and it’s been, in many ways, the best thing that ever happened to me, and certainly in the larger picture musically and personal life-wise, this is clearly the best time in my life. But, you know, I don’t think it’s something that’s peculiar to the last few months, which is what she’s referring to. I think there are other things that come into play in terms of Stevie and me, um, having this time and having such a good time doing it. Um, I think part of it is that - Well, she came into my environment. That was one thing. You know, she had not been to my house before. We just hung out and, uh, you know, she was eating dinner with us, with the children, and I think she took on some of what my reality is too and was able to appreciate it and see me through that filter. So that’s part of what probably she’s saying. 

Another part is just really that she’s come, you know, from Point A to Point B from if you look at where she was, in terms of mindset, before she began working on this last solo album of hers. Again, as I say, she saw me going out, doing all these solo projects, which were very small-scale on a commercial level but were incredibly enriching on a psychic and a musical and a spiritual level to me, and she saw me bringing that back to the band and I think she hadn’t had one of those experiences for awhile. Um, she got together with Dave Stewart, had a wonderful time making this album, had a wonderful time touring it, and now she’s at the end of that and I think that, you know, to be fair, she is a different person too, and she needed to complete that arc. And I think now she has so it’s going to be very interesting to see how the dynamic that plays out between Stevie and myself - You know, I think there’s, you see this circle coming back around, the whole thing starts to feel cyclical and I think that that’s going to be, that’s going to inform a lot of what informs this year and I’m excited about that.