David Wild - Rock Solid Podcast (September 2015)

David Wild: [Fleetwood Mac] just wanted Lindsey. He likes to tell that story, and she doesn’t like that story as much. She likes to tell the story about how she was vacuuming other peoples’ apartments, which he says is not quite true. I mean, they still argue about this stuff. She loves talking about her days as kind of cleaning houses, and I think Lindsey basically, I think he told me once, he said, “She ONCE had to vacuum for Keith Olsen.” But they still are having that argument. It’s kind of sweet.

David Wild: In terms of the songs that are on my list, I noticed there’s definitely weighted towards Stevie and Lindsey. And I think it’s ‘cause that tension, that dynamic - and I’ve gotten to know, it’s not like an act, like that’s a weird relationship. Because they are two people who I love and admire and they’re two of the most different people. Like they’re one of those couples where you go, “Oh my god, how did they ever get along?” because Lindsey is one of the more cerebral people I know. He is from the head, in his own head, a musical genius. Stevie’s like a poet and really like a poetic arty funny cool person, but she’s from the heart. A hundred percent emotional. And they’re so opposite and I love that tension, I love Buckingham Nicks. I probably have talked to them more about their Buckingham Nicks album than any other album.

Pat Francis: Why can’t we get that? Why is that not -

David Wild: They don’t even know. The rights are so screwed up. They -

Pat Francis: I mean, I have it because I got it, you know, -

David Wild: Yeah, we all bought a German import when it was available for an hour.

Pat Francis: Yeah, the way you’re not supposed to get your music, but I did. Cos I want it.

David Wild: Yeah, no, and they’ve been a million - I’ve, listen, I’ve said, “I’ll write the liner notes for nothing for this one.” And I think there were different points when they were talking about doing a tour, like a Buckingham Nicks tour.

Pat Francis: That would be phenomenal.

David Wild: I was at some of those [Say You Will] sessions. They were in a house that Mick Fleetwood rented in one of the canyons here. And it was, and it was one of those things, like the whole time I’ve known them, it’s been like Lindsey would play me songs saying, at one point going, “This is for my next solo record.” And then eventually Warner Bros or someone would prevail upon him, “No, no, make it a Fleetwood Mac record.” And then they try to push everything together. Stevie would be sort of reluctant and there was, the tension was hysterical. ‘Cause it’s sort of like, you know, it’s the stuff that Rumours, twenty years later, thirty years later, they’re still playing out some of those same issues.