Stevie - KLOS w/ Mark & Brian (05.23.1994)

Are we friends? Is everybody friends still or? I know there were some rough times. Like you and Lindsey, say. 

SN: [pause] Umm. Well, we’re not real good friends, no, we’re not. Um -

You know I accidentally called you Lindsey when you walked in. Did you hear that? 

SN: No, but - 

Did you hear it, Mark?


When Lindsey was here - 

Yeah, I think we all heard it.

When Lindsey was here, I said, ‘So Stevie, new album coming out - 

SN: Ooh, and he loved that, I bet.

[More talk between the DJs about the name screw-up, Stevie laughing]

I was just wondering, the moment you walked in, whether we could ask her about that, and that’s why I said that, so I apologize. 

Well, when we had Lindsey on the programme, he talked about - We talked about, uh, Fleetwood Mac and where everybody had -

SN: [quite softly] Did he say we were friends?

He [pause] gave kind of the same synopsis [Stevie laughs] that you gave, in that, you know, there was a very strong friendship there but sometimes it gets muddled up with a lot of crap that takes place over the years. In fact, David Lee Roth put it best when he was in here. We were talking about Van Halen, and he said, “You know, when you are with somebody creatively in the studio for so long, you’re on tour with them for so long, you’re kind of isolated where you’re all in this one hotel room or this hotel. And after a while, after you’ve been on the road for so much, you tend to look at the other guys and you go, ‘You know what, I don’t like the way you chew!’ 

SN: Right.

It starts getting silly. And that’s what Lindsey said, he just didn’t like the way you chewed. [Stevie laughs] Because of that, he couldn’t work with you. 

SN: WELL. Excuuuuuseeeeee me. 

No, but he talked about, um - We talked about the various roles that each one of you had in Fleetwood Mac. And he said his role, he felt like, was to take a song that you would bring in -

SN: And arrange it. Make it -

Yeah. He would take the raw greatness that you brought in on a piece of paper and the tune you might have in your head, and he would take those two and he would sit in there and kinda bang it out and get it to where he liked it. He’d play it for you. You’d make a few changes, but for the most part go with that. And he looked at himself as kind of the orchestral leader as to putting the - He wasn’t by any means saying that he was the group; that wasn’t where he was coming from. He was just saying that I would take the raw footage and put it into some form of a tune. And that Stevie would come back in and make a few changes here and there, and then we had a tune that we could work from. Um, and he was a very friendly man. We enjoyed having him on the programme. And he spoke very highly of you and of the group.

SN: Well, you can keep him. [Laughs]

So there are some bad, there is some bad blood in there?

SN: No, there’s really not. Lindsey, you know, Lindsey had a weak moment; even admitted to me that sometimes he felt that his best work was taking one of my songs and making it into something really - to him - extra special.