Mick - The Columbian (07.03.2004)

Whether Fleetwood Mac would thrive again largely hinged on how Buckingham and Nicks meshed during the tour, he said. "Internally what was really important, you know, we have a new front line. It's really Stevie's and Lindsey's deal," Fleetwood said.  
"Not to denigrate me and John, but the reality is a band is a band is a band, but there's also a front line is a front line. And that has been the most important thing where they have arrived, because they've never necessarily seen eye to eye on a lot of things during their history, and I think the testimony to the fact that that's working is the fact that we are still out here doing this (tour). They have really found what they had when they were Buckingham/Nicks, and it's more and more and more pronounced.  
"So that has been a big success," Fleetwood said. "And any ups and downs that they are prone to as people emotionally have been handled really well to allow them total free rein to really blossom on stage. It's been magical, it really has."