Mick - Classic Rock Magazine (January 2003)

Was it part of a cunning masterplan to bring attractive women into the band?

"No. We had a break in one of our many tours, and I went to see a studio, and I just met someone in the supermarket. I'd met him before, and he said: 'What are you up to?' I said I was in town pricing out studios. He said: 'Why don't you come out and look at Sound City? What are you doing now?' "I ended up in Sound City with all my supermarket shopping in the car. And, lo and behold, a guy called Keith Olsen was there, and he played part of a Buckingham Nicks album he'd produced, just to demonstrate, so I could hear what the room sounded like. It was the first time I'd heard their music. And it affected me. "Bob Welch, Peter Green's replacement Fleetwood Mac wasn't very happy, and at the end of a tour he handed his notice in. Without taking too much of a breath myself, I remembered what I heard in the studio, and I phoned up that night. I said: 'Remember that tape you played me? Who are those people?'"

You'd  never even seen them?

"I'd apparently met Stevie [Nicks] and said hello. I don't remember. I remember seeing her, that was about it. Lindsey [Buckingham] knew Fleetwood Mac. After we'd asked Lindsay to join, Keith [Olsen] said: 'Well he'll never leave Stevie...'"