Lindsey - LA Times (04.09.2003)

The album's even split between Buckingham and Nicks songs suggests an effort to maintain some equilibrium.

"It's a tenuous thing, certainly," notes Buckingham, tossing a note of caution into what's being generally portrayed as an upbeat situation. "There are large egos flying around all over the place."

"Lindsey and I are dramatic," Nicks said this week in a separate interview. "We argue a lot, we don't agree on a lot of things, but what we do agree on is that we love to sing together.... We are really trying to appreciate this opportunity that we have and not get stuck in stupid, dumb arguments that mean nothing to anybody.

"I've always been open to Fleetwood Mac whenever it is serious, whenever it wants to do something." Nicks is hoping that the tour -- booked for 36 arena dates -- will continue for a year and a half, with another album to follow.