Richard Dashut - Tumblr #5 (2014 - 2015)

These questions and answers were saved from Richard Dashut's first Tumblr - dickdash - before it was deleted. Because of that, these quotes are presented randomly, not dated and not necessarily in order.

Q: Were Stevie and Lindsey big fans of country music?

A: Early country, like Hank Williams or Patsy Cline. Big influence I believe in their overall style & development. Accounts for their organic, honest approach to song & delivery.

Q: Were you a fan of Fleetwood Mac before Lindsey & Stevie joined? If so, which incarnation caught your attention? Peter Green & Jeremy Spencer? Peter Green & Danny Kirwan? Danny Kirwan & Bob Welch (with Christine)? Bob Welch/Bob Weston (with Christine)?

A: One of my all time favorite records was Fleetwood Mac’s “Then Play On”. I wasn’t as familiar with their other works at the time, but I played that record over & over. Stevie & Lindsey had moved into my 2 bedroom apartment and we were all living together when FM asked them to join. I believe S&L asked me if I knew about Fleetwood Mac soon after the band asked them to join, because they knew very little about them. I immediately played them the “Then Play On ” album & explained what I knew about the band. At first, I was more excited then they were, although I thought it was such an odd combination, they would never make it. But at that time, we all needed the money & this was a legitimate shot for them to become independent & they took it. Kudos to Mick for his vision & Keith Olsen for enabling it. My deepest respect to both of you. Boy was I wrong about the band making it & I was glad I stayed with them out of loyalty to Stevie & Lindsey. Sometimes being loyal to a cause is worth more than your own instincts.

Q: Richard, this is a bit frivolous, but is there a song either by Lindsey or Stevie or actually anyone else that when you hear it, it makes you think of them and their relationship?

A: Yes, “Love Hurts” by Boudleaux Bryant. Made popular by the Everly Bros. in 1960. Check out the Emmylou Harris version also. Thanks.

Q: Lindsey's said his songs were always dialogues to Stevie. Did you realize that at the time?

A: I got the general feeling that was probably the case. But no, I can’t say I was actually aware of his absolute meaning in the lyric, as I was so absorbed in the production that sometimes, I would forget to smell the roses, as they say.

Q: Did Lindsey really kick Stevie and throw a guitar at her in a drunken rage?

A: Kick her once, I won’t deny, but throwing a guitar at her, I never witnessed that. Also, I have seen Lindsey drunk, true enough, but never in a drunken rage, let me be perfectly clear on that one mate.

Q: Why would he kick Stevie? :(

A: Frustrated on stage at her for singing over one of his solos. It wasn’t hard, more embarrassing than anything.

Q: When did Jenny (the poodle) pass away and did Stevie ever write any songs about her?

A: You’re really touching a soft spot there. My best memories of Jenny the coffee drinking poodle, were at both apartments I lived at with Stevie & Lindsey. We didn’t have a ton of furniture back then and S&L would sometimes leave their coffee cups on the floor, laden with sugar & cream. Perfect target for little Jenny the poodle & she would lick it up like a secretary on lunch break. Can you say wired poodle boys & girls? I’m not really sure the year Jenny died, or if Stevie ever really wrote a song about her, but I do know this. I am tearing up right now just thinking about that little dog & how much of my young life she was a part of. These memories can sometimes be as painful to summon up as they are joyful. Thanks, got a Kleenex?

Q: Stevie and Lindsey often like to emphasise their different tastes - in music, specifically. However, they also have a lot of old favourites in common like Joni Mitchell, for example. When you lived with them, which records got played endlessly?

A: We played a lot of Joni Mitchell, true enough, we all loved her. Bad Company with Paul Rodgers singing, got constant play when their first album came out. The Beach Boys, Beatles, & Rolling Stones were constantly playing. The Supremes were our Motown pick and Lindsey of course, had his bluegrass & folk records. Mostly though, Lindsey had a guitar in his hands & was constantly working on a new song. So for the most part, Buckingham Nicks music was the soundtrack of our lives.

Q: Do you think Stevie and Mick made a good couple?

A: Not really no. I thought Stevie And Lindsey made a good couple, because of the natural production of music produced as a result of there tumultuous relationship. However, Mick & Stevie in my mind, were not a natural fit. Without getting into detail, suffice to say “always been a storm”.

Q: "Lindsey & Stevie made a good couple" and that opinion is shared by others who knew them before FM. Javier Pacheco, from Fritz said "I think Stevie and Lindsey were a very compatible couple--Gemini and Libra, respectively. Therefore I would say it must have been a great romance!" & Hoppy Hodges from Buckingham Nicks: "They were so loving, that is what I remember about them, a couple of Big ole Loves... I thought they were a permanent item." Were you surprised they split? Was it hard for you?"

A: It was very hard for me at first, I had kind of built my early world around both Stevie & Lindsey’s music and their relationship. I got used to living in the glow of energy, (like the Aurora Borealis) that surrounded them when together. As the split started & the magical light dimmed, I got lost in the dark corridors of my own heart for a while. At that age, I still believed in fairy tales & happily ever afters. But I must say , I was not surprised, I could feel it coming like the first chill of winter. My life would change forever, as the chill turned to the tears of winter’s snow & indeed they did split apart. I truly miss the days of love and wonder & summer’s warm promise. :-(

Q: can you tell us about the energy life experiences and environ that surrounded the making of Buckingham nicks? Where you in the coffee plant at night helping with production of songs? Take us back in time please what was going on in your world?

A: The coffee plant was a little early for me, but I did have a chance to go there once & see it. From what I can remember, I also got to meet his Father shortly before his death. We were picking up Lindsey’s Ampex 4tk tape machine in San Jose or Menlo Park & transporting it back to LA. Shortly after bringing the Ampex back, we had set it up in my downstairs bedroom & Lindsey got to work, recording the foundation for what was to become their first album with Fleetwood Mac & finishing songs for the upcoming Buckingham Nicks album. I was working at Sound City Recording Studios at the time, day & night, so when I did come home from working with Keith Olsen for 18 hours, I had to walk over mic cables, tape reels, guitars, & spent coffee cups just to find my bed! No escape, from my musical fate. Thankfully, the music was so extraordinary from anything else I was hearing at the time, I did not mind. Stevie & Lindsey would record their demos during the day & into the evening, and I would be at Sound City recording radio jingles with Keith & TM Productions, hearing every radio stations call letters in the country. It was only the thought of the future Buckingham Nicks album recording that kept me going & boy am I glad I followed my instinct, sticking it out.

Q: Were Stevie and Lindsey a mawkish couple?

A: Less mawkish, more productive.

Q: Omg I love Simon and Garfunkel!! Do you know if the band liked them?

A: I know at least Stevie & Lindsey did.

Q: Where was Lindsey on Stevie's wedding?

A: Probably hiding?

Q: Hey Richard - Do you why the band never made an MTV unplugged episode? I think there are a couple of gaps in the bands history and that's one of them. (Also a quality boxset of live recordings) - Stephen, UK

A: Even Stevie and Lindsey together unplugged would be totally outrages. Buckingham Nicks with acoustic backing, a anthology, early days through the Fleetwood Mac period, now that is something I would like to hear and own. Who knows why they never did MTVs unplugged as a band, perhaps to many personal managers to make a unifying decision on that one? Lol.

Q: Are Stevie and Lindsey that intense or they also have some light moments together?

A: They share a lot of light moments together. It just becomes a bit intense sometimes when you put two flames in the same space, it gets hot!