Richard Dashut - Tumblr #3 (2014 - 2015)

These questions and answers were saved from Richard Dashut's first Tumblr - dickdash - before it was deleted. Because of that, these quotes are presented randomly, not dated and not necessarily in order. 

Q: What is your fondest memory of living with Stevie?

A: Here is one you’ll like. Within a couple of hours of meeting Stevie & Lindsey at Sound City, the three of us decided to get a place to live together. We ended up living in a bi-level apt attached to a house in Hollywood, above Universal City. It was during this period that Buckingham Nicks was recorded, & I was working hard as a second engineer for Kieth Olsen at Sound City. We worked on both the BN record & other projects. I lived downstairs & came home extremely tired every night & had to step over cords & guitars to get to my bed. Lindsey had his 4-track Ampex down there & was starting the next round of BN demos, so I had to step around that. Finally after almost a year, I decided to get my own place. I guess I just needed some privacy after a while & Stevie & Lindsey had had enough of my dirty smelly socks (I remember I had to burn them after they piled up & The Board of Health wanted to condemn the whole neighborhood……just joking but they were truly bad, had no free time to wash them in those days, just work.) Anyway, I ended up getting a two bedroom, two level apt. near the Orthodox Jewish section of town (LA) & was enjoying life in the bigger (much Bigger) bedroom of the apt. Well just a couple of months later, I remember getting a call from Lindsey asking me if He & Stevie could move in again. Things were not going so great for them financially after the BN album was released, not exactly selling like hotcakes (more like hot potatoes, nobody wanted to touch one.) So the day arrived when Stevie & Lindsey came over to look over the new digs & start moving in. I swear, the first thing Stevie did was make a bee line for the bedrooms & make a command decision. After examining both bedrooms she quickly declared, (like Yule Brenner as the Pharaoh in The Ten Commandments, “so it is said, so shall it be written,”) that her & Lindsey should have, like I said, the rather larger bedroom. Well I’m sure you can guess the rest, she is very persuasive ya know. The good news, Lindsey kept the 4-track (after a short stint on the stairwell) in their bedroom, & the bad, …..I had a bedroom so small, I needed a shoehorn to get into bed. (Great for the sex life, giving new meaning to getting close with my girlfriends fast.)

Stevie always gets her way, Lindsey assured me, & I rode that all the way to Fleetwood Mac.

Thanks for the question & enjoy the ride on our blog.

Q: Were stevie and Lindsey loud at night if ya know what I mean? Haha just kidding! (Kinda serious actually) I'm really excited that you joined tumblr! Welcome!

A: Great question & I knew it was coming (no pun intended) but some questions are best left unanswered. Nice try.

Q: Did Stevie and Lindsey really hated each other until he left the band?

A: Hate, no. A lot of negative passion, yes. The pressure of being in the biggest band in the world at one time, combined with a failing relationship = some tense moments when they parted. Looks like life to me.

Q: Do you think Stevie Nicks will release a book of her own?

A: Yes, I really do think Stevie will release a book someday. She has so much to say & an other worldly way to say it. How about Stevie & Lindsey writing a book together. That would be a terrific read, but perhaps too much to wish for. I would definitely contribute to that one. NY Times best seller I bet.

Q: What were the best and worst things about living with Stevie and Lindsey? Was Lindsey the sole beneficiary of the housekeeping skills (cooking dinner, ironing shirts, fringing jeans) she likes bragging about, or did you have that 'pleasure' as well?

A: Even though Lindsey may have been the prime beneficiary of Stevie’s wonderful housekeeping, some inevitably would spill over to my side of the apartment. Unfortunately, Stevie would need a guide & a machete to get to my room, between the recording gear, & my clothes scattered everywhere. I think a couple of times she saved us from the State Board Of Health, lol, which would not have given me an A-rating, should I have had a kitchen. She was always complaining about my dirty socks, which had the aroma of, well…dirty socks. (Are you supposed to wash them after three days of wearing with tennis shoes?) Sorry Stevie. Pretty tough cleaning up after Lindsey & myself, I’m thinking heavy psychological scaring for life, but she hides it well. 

Best thing: Living with the best music of one’s life, always surrounding the environment. Having two close caring friends.

The worst: Having to endure the sometime arguments they would unleash on each other.

Q: "How do you believe Stevie and Lindsey best complement one another - both in terms of music and in general (personality, etc)?

A: In the same way magnets opposite poles attract, Stevie & Lindsey fill in eachother’s spaces. This does not always lead to harmonic co-existence, but certainly has the effect of producing some of the best music of our times. It also has the effect of keeping their beings together for life. A definite strong bond between souls & a creative expression of such.

Specifically, the combination of their vocal sounds are so signature & the force of Lindsey’s sublime but powerful guitar lines so persuasive, that it’s almost impossible for it not to leave an indelible musical mark, on even today’s culture. Thanks for listening.

Q: Hi Richard, Thank you so much for creating this blog. For those of us with old souls who feel we were born in the wrong era, this is a gold mine. I hope you feel the generosity we feel just by reading it each day. My question is, do you think Lindsay and Stevie know there is a somewhat of a cult following of Buckingham Nicks fans out there trying to find their record out and about everywhere? I've always wondered. Thank you again for your amazing insight each day, how amazing it must have been!

A: Having not spent the same amount of time around Stevie & Lindsey as I used to, it’s hard to get a read on that. It certainly would not surprise me if they were not aware of the amount of demand for their before the Mac days work. I don’t think they are directly in touch with their fan base through social media & rely more on surrounding opinions on that. In other words, they know what they are told, lets hope they’re getting pertinent up to date info on their young fan base. When I do see them soon, I plan on uploading the input & opinions of what I learn from this blog, directly to them. I am learning more than I ever thought from our followers & want to pass that vital energy on. I am grateful for your input, keep it coming.

Q: Let's rewrite history! Buckingham Nicks don't join Fleetwood Mac. Where are they now?

A: Playing Bar Mitzvahs & Weddings with me doing sound & holding the tip bucket. Lol. Just joking! I think they would have had a successful career together, much like Hall & Oats for an off hand comparison, with a few more solo albums perhaps

Q: Do you often hear Stevie and Lindsey do their two part harmony?

A: Yes, so much so, that they have permeated my dreams with their melodic precision. In the early 70’s, before FM, they sang a lot of 2 part. It never left my head. Thanks for your question.

Q: Was Lindsey affectionate with their dog as well?

A: Yes he was, & I swear that dog would bring out a different, loving, nurturing side of Lindsey that I never knew existed. One of Jenny’s most comfortable places to rest was right there in Lindsey’s heart, & there, along with Stevie’s, she lives to this day. 

Q: Hi Richard. While happy to see Christine back (and will see them next month in LA) I'm absolutely beside myself that I didnt see FM live without her. I felt that would be the closest thing to BuckNicks I would ever see. Did FM even perform any CMcVie songs during those tours?

A: I’m sorry, I did not see the actual show on the last tour, so I don’t recall whether they did play any of Christine’s songs, I’m sure another punter will set us right on that one. Don’t be surprised to see an actual Buckingham Nicks reunion before this is all over, even if it’s just for a TV special. (There is an idea for you HBO.) Who knows, maybe even a few dates? “We can dream about it”, I’m not afraid. I mean fear no art, right?

Q: As a fellow Beatles obsessive, I have to ask: do you remember any of Stevie or Lindsey's favourite tracks or albums? Or which side of the fence they fell regarding the entirely pointless, wearisome Lennon vs McCartney argument (reminiscent of some of the L vs S arguments I see, it must be said...)? Always interested to read or hear their thoughts on The Beatles, whether in press or via your memories. :D

A: Lindsey would have fallen on the side of John Lennon for sure with Stevie squarely on the side of McCartney. I do remember “Rubber Soul” as being one of the most played Beatles albums around our house & the “White Album” was up there also, to be quite sure. The most played single Beatles track in our home was, “Lucy IN THe skY With Diamonds”, which I am still seeing, after playing it constantly for 40 years. But my personal all time favorite, both musically & personally, is George Harrison, the light from the dark, the up from the down, the very lotus pedals that Shiva dances eternally on. The man who wrote “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Enough said.

Q: Hey Richard! First of all, you seem like one of the coolest guys out there! Thank you so much for doing this! Second, this might be a little personal, but as a hopeless romantic, I've gotta ask: Do you know when and where Lindsey and Stevie shared their first kiss? And do you have any cute anecdotes or stories you haven't shared yet? Again, thank you so much, darling, we punters adore you with all our wild hearts! <3

A: What a wonderful response & thank you from the bottom of my, “wild heart”. I’m only cool because I reflect the the growing community of you, the Punter, who I think is ultra-cool & the real stars here! I don’t know when they shared their first kiss, but perhaps another hopeless romantic can respond. (Maybe even Stevie or Lindsey through anonymous means, nothing would surprise me at this point. ) Stay with us for more stories about those times in the coming weeks, both written & soon on video. Should be fun & interactive for all of us.

I will leave you, my hopeless romantic, with a piece from William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” 

O mistress mine, where are you roaming?

O, stay and hear, your true love’s coming,

That can sing both high and low:

Trip no further, pretty sweeting,

Journeys end in lovers meeting,

Every wise man know.

What is love? ‘Tis not hereafter;

Present mirth hath present laughter;

What’s to come is still unsure:

In delay there lies no plenty;

Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty,

Youth’s a stuff will not endure.

Q: Do you ever get weirded out seeing all the youngsters on tumblr/twitter overanalyzing everything Stevie and Lindsey do or say? You're probably one of the few people who knows what went on between them so I bet it must be kinda weird seeing all of the speculation...

A: I really enjoy it actually, not weird now at all. Although I cannot or will not reveal everything I know about them, I am glad to give what I can to the legend of the Buckingham Nicks. The speculation is just unbridled curiosity in the form of true Punter spirit wanting as much knowledge as possible. I can only be grateful for this. Will try to set the record straight whenever possible, but not at the expense of the band’s personal privacy. Thanks for your observation.

Q: Which was Stevie's reaction when Lindsey cut his hair?

A: Shock, definitely shock…..change was in the air. I remember her walking around uttering the words, “I can’t believe he cut off all that beautiful hair!” Yes that was a milestone.