Richard Dashut - Tumblr #2 (2014 - 2015)

These questions and answers were saved from Richard Dashut's first Tumblr - dickdash - before it was deleted. Because of that, these quotes are presented randomly, not dated and not necessarily in order. 

Q: Was there ever any hint that Lindsey would join FM without Stevie? What if it had been the other way around? Would Stevie have joined without taking Lindsey?

A: No & No.

Q: I am dying for some new Buckingham Nicks!!! Thanks for everything, Richard!

A: Hang in there, you might not have to die for it. After this tour who knows what will happen sometime in the future, in spite of what Stevie is saying now. My gut tells me that a full circle might be a powerful and emotional way to say farewell to a “wonderful life” and a legendary career.

Q: Thanks for sharing your memories with us! By all accounts Stevie and Lindsey had a passionate, and at times volatile relationship when they were together. Were you surprised when they actually broke up as a couple for good? Do you think they were surprised by it?

A: In searching my soul for this answer I can only say this. I know I was not surprised because by then the whole Fleetwood Mac machine had taken hold and it is hard to turn a large ship around in turbulent seas. Meaning there was so much going on in their lives by then that reconciliation was just not possible with how fast forward things were moving. I don’t think I ever had the sense that they were going to be together again romantically, but always felt they would be together for life through their music, with careers interwoven into a beautiful creative blanket which helped keep me warm, amongst others. For the same reasons I don’t think they were surprised by this and I never perceived a serious attempt at the both of them trying to rekindle their rather volatile relationship as you have stated. Thank you and take care.

Q: Were you aware so many people had this kind of passion for Buckingham Nicks, both musically and as a couple, before you started the blog?

A: I was not and let me state right here how both humble and grateful I am for it. I think what has surprised me the most is the support Buckingham Nicks has garnered with the young fans. This is a strong part of the reason I keep going, to make sure there legacy is secure with the young who will carry their future. I love you all of course, but it’s up to us older fans to share our music with the upcoming generations, so we can pass the torch and make it theirs to. This is the only way for the music we all love so much to live on and that to me is important. The Buckingham Nicks romantic relationship lasted only a relatively short while. But the love it sparked proved so powerful, that it lives with each one of us who believe in their music to this day and future days to come. My mind is constantly being blown away by this blog and those who participate, and I want to thank you all……

Q: Do you think Stevie was Lindsey's dream girl?

A: Before Lindsey met his beautiful wife Kristen, I believe there would be no doubt of this. But with his loving family now, he has woke to happiness & fulfillment. “Stevie as a dream girl” = a world not wanting to wake up! (I know I wouldn’t want to.)

Q: Oh my gosh Richard! Yes, Christine has talked about her mother being clairvoyant and, right before she died, she told Chris that Chris will find it "in the Orange Grove" and then Stevie and Lindsey came into her life! Love this blog so much!! Be well!

A: You just made my hair stand up on end, I have never heard this before. As you probably know by now, I had moved out from the duplex in Hollywood with Stevie & Lindsey to give them their privacy. (Around ‘72) I took over a friends (Al Lopez) apartment in central LA & was living there on my own for quite a few months before getting the call from Stevie & Lindsey that they needed a place to live again. Move in they did, taking the master bedroom with them. Lol. It was here, at our apartment on Orange Grove Ave. that I believe, Christine first laid eyes on Stevie & Lindsey during an introductory meet with the rest of the band. (I believe Keith Olsen was there too, the band’s producer at the time.) Now you point this out & I am sitting here shaking a bit. Wow, …..thanks…..!

Q: are Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham hooking up on this 2014 tour?

A: Due to the fact that Lindsey has a beautiful wife, is happily married, & has three wonderful children, I would say no.

Q: Did Lindsey write Save Me A Place with Stevie in mind to your knowledge? (I've assumed this but wonder if you know for sure.)

A: I would have to say yes on this one. He never told me directly in person, but I assumed this was the case. That’s definitely the way it plays out in my head anyway. Thanks

Q: Hi Richard! Thanks for taking the time to answer questions & especially for bringing your gifts to the table to help make my favorite band's timeless music! My question may require a few extra cobwebs to be dusted off, back to the Buckingham Nicks days. Do you remember if there was a BN tour besides the shows we always hear about in Alabama, Jan. '75 after they joined Fleetwood Mac? There is a pic of SnL onstage with Waddy in 72 at the Troubador. Do you recall these BN shows/any set list info?

A: To my knowledge, besides some L.A. shows including gigs at The Starwood & The Troubador, I know of no others besides the short Alabama tour. But, sometimes, my memory feels like its painted on.

Q: As much as animosity between Lindsey and Stevie was there a time they had their tender and loving moment too during the years worked with them?

A: I first met Stevie & Lindsey at Sound City Recording studio around ‘71-‘72. Within an hour of meeting them, we all decided to move in together because they were living at Keith Olsen’s house (one of my big mentors.) Within a month, we got an apartment in Hollywood & ended up living together over the next two years. At that time, I was paying the rent with the money I earned as a Second Engineer (Stevie did pitch in financially as a hostesses of a Beverly Hills restaurant.) During those first couple of years living together, I experienced two people that were at the same time, seriously in love, & struggling with their young careers. It was during those times that I experienced very tender moments between them equaled only by the intensity of their verbal disagreements. As time went on & pressure grew when they joined Fleetwood Mac, those disagreements grew in intensity & frequency until finally leading to break up.

Q: What do you think is the reason why it's taking too long for a Buckingham Nicks reunion?

A: Aaaaaah, a minor thing called Fleetwood Mac maybe? Just a guess. But what do I know? Lol. 

Q: So,Richard,do you think Stevie has a wide taste in music? because,well,to Michael Jackson to The Doors is a big difference. And compare songs like "Edge of seventeen" and "Leather and Lace" both of Bella Donna.

A: She absolutely does have a wide range of music in her blood, starting with Country Western because of her grandfather, the country singer A.J. Nicks. I believe she would harmonize with A.J. at her family’s restaurant in AZ, singing on stage for the patrons at around 15. When I lived with her & Lindsey, between Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, and the parade of other great musical artists spinning at the time, it was more than obvious Stevie was not a one trick pony. Rather very diverse & accepting of different musical styles. This was my experience when living with her, maybe she is different now? Thank you for your question. 

Q: First of all, love your blog! You are doing a wonderful and gracious thing here, Richard. There should be more people in the world like you. Thank you :) I have one question: We always hear about stevie being the main person to cook,work and clean and take care of everyone during BN days but did anyone ever look out for her or help her? Did the woman ever get sick lol? Haha poor stevie

A: No, nobody looked after Stevie back then. She was on her own, living with two males & a very big dream. She did a damn great job of taking care of both Lindsey & I, even when she had a part time job. She was a wonderful roommate and I want to take this space & time to thank her for caring more for me, at a time when I should have cared more for myself. I am very grateful for her love back then & am so thrilled that the “big dream of a petite girl, changed our hearts forever

Q: as someone who became a fan later during the bn years, i saw them for the first time in 2013 and loved the warmth between SnL. it makes me sad to see that gone during this tour. do you think the two of them will/can come back around and be close again?

A: I’m so sorry to hear this. Does anyone else who has seen the new show feel the same way? Let’s all not forget that relationships ebb & flow and life does play out on stage, for better or for terse. Opinions are most welcome on this subject, let’s get some other points of view. Believe me, they are still close, they can be nothing but. I predict the expression of such will change soon as the reality of significance & the closing chapters of Fleetwood Mac lore, are written. Yes, you will see an expression of their closeness again, I can feel it.

Q: Hi there! On the cover of the Mirage album, LB and SN hands are held in such way to look like an old gypsy woman -- Was this by sheer, and genius, accident? Or was it planned? Did the photographer - anyone - notice it during the shoot? It totally fits with the "Mirage" theme, doesn't it? Thanks! tlh

A: When it came to album cover shoots, very little was left to chance. The images were very carefully planned and composed to the photographers pleasure and the band’s approval. The interpretations of such were not predetermined obviously and yours is as sensitive to the creative vision as any I have heard. Thanks for seeing the trees and not just the forest.

Q: With Stevie and Lindsey's tumultuous relationship are you surprised that they're still in the same band after all this years and they're still touring together ???

A: True love, deep love, respect love, overcomes both time and heartache. The story of Stevie & Lindsey is both tragic and perhaps unrequited, but also a triumph of spirit and living whole.  Perhaps their new music will speak to this…..r

ps. My deepest respect to Kristen, Lindsey’s beautiful wife and to their successful, happy marriage. Their extraordinary children bear proof of that!