Richard Dashut - Tumblr #4 (2014 - 2015)

These questions and answers were saved from Richard Dashut's first Tumblr - dickdash - before it was deleted. Because of that, these quotes are presented randomly, not dated and not necessarily in order. 

Q: Stevie & Lindsey still claim to be writing new songs about each other. Their relationship ended decades ago yet there's still more to tell? What kind of intenseness did they share? Do you think it's possible they'll never stop being the others muse?

A: I think there is an imprint on each others lives that will never leave. Till death do them part, as the words say. Their intensity still reflects burning embers of love, dancing on shards of broken mirror, refusing to die before they hit the ground.

Q: Hi R was just wondering if Lindsey really did make Stevie's life a living nightmare after they broke up?

A: Living nightmare might be a bit strong, but he did let Stevie know of his displeasure, shall we say. Most of us don’t have the pressure of having to see our ex-girlfriends reach super stardom in the very band you had a major hand in creating. Every move she made was in his face & that went both ways, romantic or creative. Lindsey definitely had a bit of a jealous streak so that did not make things any easier, as you can well imagine. I would say, the first year after was pretty tough, but ya know, they got through it. That in itself is pretty amazing considering the extraordinary circumstances & the fallout from it all, has been nothing short of amazing music. Thanks for your question.


A: My favorite Stevie memory happened very early in my rock & roll memory & I wasn’t there first hand, so I don’t have the fine details. But, it is still my favorite. Back when I first met S&L, they were living with Keith Olsen at his small house in Coldwater Canyon, LA. Toward the end of their stay there, just before we moved in together, Keith had asked Stevie for a ride to the airport, I believe he was going to Dallas, TX. I don’t remember why Lindsey didn’t do it, but in any case, off Keith went with Stevie in his prize, collectible, Mercedes sports car. After dropping Keith off, Stevie came back using her standard driving technique, a prayer & a brake. Keith’s house was at the end of a long steep dirt driveway, as I remember, surrounded by sharp hills leading downward toward the neighbors houses & pools. After parking the car in front of the house, she went back in & probably back to bed, since it was early. After a few minutes, there was a rather urgent knock at the door, like a giant woodpecker on steroids. It was the next door neighbor, who was inquiring if a blue Mercedes sports car belonged to them. Stevie said “yes, why?” The neighbor started to calmly explain that the car had rolled back down the hill, off the side, flipped upside down once or twice, & into their yard…almost landing in the pool, being stopped only by some shrubbery. Two tow trucks, a lot of time, & heavy damage to both car & plant life later, Stevie had to make the call to Keith & break the news. Forgot to set the parking brake & put the car in park. The good news, the car missed the pool & house of the neighbors. The bad, it did not miss the landscape & steep hill, trashing the car. I must say, Keith took it in stride when he came back & was a good sport about it. That is my favorite classic Stevie story, so there you have it. Way to get my attention by the way. (Now don’t everybody try this, it only works once) Lol.

Q: Happy 41st Anniversary of the release of Buckingham Nicks! What day did Stevie and Lindsey celebrate their anniversary as a couple?

A: Wow, thank you, has it really been that long? Life sure goes by fast. My advice to all who will listen, try to be as present as you possibly can. That way, you live life to rich memories & not find yourself older and unfulfilled. Create something that serves both your self interests & the world’s common needs. Add beauty to the planet, add space in your heart, & let others share in your joy. I thank you all from my soul, for your time spent listening to the Buckingham Nicks Album, a true milestone in my life. I know I speak for Stevie & Lindsey when I say this, you guys are great & we love you!

Sorry, I have no Idea what day they hold special for their past relationship. More important is, the anniversary with Lindsey’s current beautiful wife, Kristen, & the wonderful family they share. Stevie doesn’t need an anniversary, she’s timeless, every day a celebration of life

Q: I believe that Javier Pacheco (from Fritz) once said that when he first knew Stevie, she was a bit of a wallflower. By the time you know her, had she "blossomed" (due to several factors), or did she always have an underlying wallfower-ness?

A: The first couple of years she had this alluring shyness about her, which made Stevie all the more attractive, with a certain vulnerability. It was not hard to see why Lindsey was so in love with her those early days. You could tell she was special, right from the start & her free spirit left Lindsey’s life wondering how long he could hang on. In the end, the bird left the cage, never to find her way back. Their love found a different form after that, mixed with respect, mutual admiration, & yes, sometimes jealous feelings which exist to this day.

Q: Hi, Richard - Do you know any of the members of Stevie and Lindsey's former band, Fritz? If so, do you have any memories to share?

A: I believe Bob Aguirre was in the band “Fritz”. Drummer I think, it’s been a long time so, sorry if I am stumbling a bit. Bob lived with Stevie, Lindsey, & myself at the Orange Grove apt. in Los Angeles for a while, after moving down from northern Cali. Bob & I were very good friends & spent many a hour hanging out. There will be a couple pictures of Bob coming up in the blog soon, so be looking for those. Bob was a great person to be around, always bringing a positive energy to the space he occupied, & it rubbed off on those close to him.

As with any of my posts, If my memory has not served me well & I make a mistake, perhaps one of the other punters can help a brother out, & make a correction if necessary. It’s been a long time & I don’t want to go to the internet to research my memories, rather give them to you in the raw, unaltered form, then let you, the punters, react, making corrections or amendments as needed. Hey, between all of us, the Punters, Stacy, & I, we’ll get this right. Thanks.

Q: You're right Richard. Bob Aquirre was the drummer in Fritz. Did you also live with Tom Moncrieff at one point? Because in the 1980 issue of Rolling Stone magazine (with Mick holding Stevie on the front cover), the article says that you, Stevie, Lindsey and Tom shared a house in L.A. 7 years prior. So that would be around 1973. Is the article correct?

A: Thank you for your quick verification. I can’t always trust my memory to be 100%. Tom ontcrieff was one of my very best friends at the time (& his girlfriend at that time, Doreen) & I moved into his old apt, when he moved out. We also shared another apt. together for awhile as roommates. But I do not remember Tom actually living with S&L and myself together under one roof. We did hang out a lot in those days, because he was also a great friend to Stevie & Lindsey, whom he met through me. Tom was one of my early friends in life & an important influence on my character. Thank you, & thank you to Tom wherever you are, I miss you.

Q: Do you remember stevie babysitting Gary hodges son Shawn in the early days?

A: Sorry I really don’t, but I remember Hoppy (Gary) Hodges quite well. He was a very good friend for a time in my life & a great drummer. I know Lindsey really liked the feel of his drum style, which is why he was the Buckingham Nicks drummer before FM. Hoppy spent a lot of time at the apt. I was sharing with Stevie & Lindsey, so it’s quite possible that Stevie would have babysat for Gary (“U.S.”) Hodges son Shawn, while I was distracted with something else. Wow, I feel bad for not remembering now.

Q: As the first of many questions to come, I was wondering if you knew of any stories behind the Buckingham-Nicks song Stephanie. It is one of my favorites, and I can only assume it is a love song for Stevie. Thanks so much!

A: Pretty much a love song for Stevie I believe. I must say, the dancing, melodic guitars were very reminiscent of Stevie’s own personality at the time, free & light. I believe this song to be a true gift of love, from a man who could express it in no other way, straight from the heart.

Q: Did lindsey or stevie ever express the want for future children when they were together? Please please please answer! I know we all are wondering!!! Thank you!

A: I personally never heard them discuss anything about children, at least not in my presence. I spent a lot of time around them in the early years, so I assume it was not a high priority. S&L were so focused on their careers at the time, with ambition fueling every move, that children & recording would not have mixed well. At least their union gave birth to beautiful music, in which you all could grow up with.

Q: Was Gold Dust Woman about drugs and Lindsey the lyrics "did she make you cry make you break down shatter your illusions of love and is it over now do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home" was that verse directed at Lindsey?

A: Yes on both counts “Young Master”. Thank you for your question.

Q: Was Stevie always dramatic, even before FM? And how do you think Lindsey feels about that?

A: Yes, Stevie always had a flair for drama. Would we really want it any other way? Lindsey was dramatically in love with her, that’s how he felt about it!.

Q: RD, people keep talking about the magic that Lindsey conjures on Stevie's music, but really, that hasn't happened since 1979. It seems to me that Stevie's success as a solo artist in 1981 really split up that creative team for good, which stinks, because Stevie's records since, solo and FM (with two very rare exceptions (Gypsy and Edge of 17) haven't come close to the quality of her stuff on FM, Rumours and Tusk. Seems Stevie mentally checked out of Fleetwood Mac after Bella Donna....

A: I think you make some good points here and I will post this to open the subject up to all our followers. I was probably the closest witness to observe their relationship from the Buckingham Nicks days through the “Tusk” period. (Even though I was around till the “Time” album.) Absolutely there was a magical spark between them, which would illuminate & ignite any creative space they occupied, into the flames of powerful music. This is the very energy Mick heard between the speakers of Sound City in the form of “Buckingham Nicks”, that led him to ask them to join. (Thank you Keith Olsen for your magic.) This magnificent energy is woven into both the “Fleetwood Mac” & “Rumours” albums and by “Tusk”, that spark became a flicker. However, that flicker of light was enough to brighten the way for three more seminal albums (“Tusk”, “Mirage” & “Tango In The Night”) and to even a lesser extent on the most recent FM albums. I myself, see the process as a whole & believe the evolution (or DE evolution as you see it) of the Buckingham Nicks relationship, as being part of the overall magic. I see it this way, the brighter the torch burns, the shorter it lasts, but we see so much, in such a brief period of time, that our souls will be illuminated forever, by the magic that is Fleetwood Mac. Thank you for your valuable opinion.

Q: Hi Richard. I recently watched Lindsey Buckingham Behind the Music. There was a lot in the about his relationship with Stevie. Obviously the two were the perfect musical duo. They are my absolute favorite. The spark between them can't be denied. A lot has been said by Stevie, Lindsey, and in general about their breakup. Do you think had they not joined Fleetwood Mac they would have stayed together? Do you think they would have eventually made it as a duo?

A: History has a habit of cutting life plans short, but yes I think they would have made it as a duo, even if their romantic relationship had not worked out. Fleetwood Mac only served to hasten their breakup, I think it was an inevitable clash of different personality styles trying to express their love & creative side at the same time.

Q: When you lived with Stevie and Lindsey, were they affectionate and loving? I find it a little peculiar that every photo of them that looks romantic or intimate (i.e handholding, hugging, kissing, closeness) all take place long after the break up (mostly from 97-now) and there are really no photos of them ever being loving while they were still a couple. Is the affection all a ploy playing on the emotions fans have over their history, or were they also that affectionate when they were together?

A: They were very affectionate when we were all living together in the early 70’s. Could hardly keep them apart in those days & I even felt a bit awkward at times, thinking I was intruding on their space. Just understand, it would have been a bit intrusive to go shoving a camera in their face during those moments, so understandably there is a shortage of pictures from that era. However, I will check with Ms. Stacy Be (A.K.A.The Picture Lady) to see what she can come up with. Peace out.

Q: Do you remember the first time you saw Fleetwood Mac with Stevie and Lindsey? Although you were not involved professionally with the White Album do you have any insight into this era?

A: I do. I was there for the first day they met, the first day they rehearsed live together and their first live show in front of an audience. During the white album I was somewhat upset at first because we did not get the chance to finish the second Buckingham Nicks record, with some of the songs and arrangements going the new Fleetwood Mac record. As fate would have it, (and it usually does) Fleetwood Mac went on to the legends they have become and never looked back. Sometimes in the back of my yearning mind I still morn the loss of that second B&N album and wish there could still be another. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for Fleetwood Mac, it’s just that somewhere on my soul there is still a whole which has never been filled.

Q: I forget at times that you, S&L were all roomies. Was stevie the homemaker type? What did she often cook?

A: I’m not sure I would call her the homemaking type, but she sure did a good job of taking care of both Lindsey and I at the time we were all living together. Very nurturing back then she was. I seem to remember a lot of “Hamburger Helper involved which is about all we could afford and all Lindsey would eat. (This was before the Ramen Noodle days.)