Richard Dashut - Tumblr #1 (2014 - 2015)

These questions and answers were saved from Richard Dashut's first Tumblr - dickdash - before it was deleted. Because of that, these quotes are presented randomly, not dated and not necessarily in order. 

Q: Lindsey and Stevie were just an incredibly good looking couple back in the day. Did they get lots of long stares from people all the time, even before they became stars.

A: Yes, they always had a special aura or presence about them. Almost like mixing different colors together to get one magical one with completely different character than the originals. One of the results of this alchemy was a powerful attraction to other people who always seemed to be looking their way. It was almost like others could see what would soon become apparent to the world ahead of time. True talent times two, can never really hide I suppose.

Q: In what ways do you think SnL have changed as people over the years? And what has remained fundamentally the same? Thanks.

A: Stevie was probably the most changed as life came at her hot, heavy and fast. Totally accessible at first, her openness charmed all around her. As the sex symbol status closed around her like the crystalline water she talks about in her song, even her close friends had trouble seeing her through the entourage of peeps. Insular for sure. In the early Mac years I always thought I perceived distance in her eyes, almost like staring back at me through a distant barn window, one she was trapped in. But she definitely got everything back and then some, as I witnessed when I last saw her. She never looked better, more beautiful then ever, inside and out. 
Lindsey when I first met him, was always very serious about life and song. But he also had a free spirit about him and a willingness to lean and grow. He absorbed life around him, analyzed it and figured things out before any one else. (Also a photographic memory for faces and celebrities) A lot of smiles in those days, but the seriousness of life’s plans for him changed that to a look of constant determination. Though perhaps not as much fun to hang with during the Mac years, I gained so much respect for him and knowledge for record making, that fun became the success of Fleetwood Mac and the music we stamped into the fabric of society.

What has remained the same? The undying spiritual love they have for one another.

Q: Do you think Lindsey feels that he has "won" because he's married and has kids and Stevie has neither a partner nor kids?

A: I sincerely believe that Lindsey has no sense of a victory over Stevie. It was never about a contest of happiness or family structure. Rather, two artistic people trying to get through life the best they can, within extraordinary circumstances. There is to much love between them to harbor thoughts like that. With all due respect, I think you’re on the wrong track with that one. Besides, Stevie has a partner, its the world, & her children, those that believe in spirit & soul. While Lindsey, now has his beautiful family he loves, & has no room for such feelings. Thanks for your question.

Q: Stevie is listed as a producer on Walter Egan's Fundamental Roll album in 1977 and in 1979 contributed to the John Stewart album Lindsey was producing. Were you involved on these projects or have any memories of their involvement. What would Stevie's roll as co-producer have been?

A: I co-produced & co-engineered on the “Fundamental Roll” album with Lindsey. Stevie helped quite a bit by working with Lindsey & Walter on background vocal development. She also spent a lot of time in the studio lending general support. I assume the same thing applies to John Stewart’s “Bombs Away Dream Babies” 

Q: In 2003, when Lindsey was asked to define his relationship with Stevie, he couldn't, saying they'd lost all objectivity. As a 'slightly' less subjective person, how would YOU define their current relationship?

A: Like a “cat on a hot tin roof” with an emotional house of unrequited love underneath.

Q: Would you mind explaining and/or clarifying what you mean by 'unrequited'? On whose end? Looking at their lyrics and quotes, it seems pretty acknowledged and requited, to be honest. In Vegas, they literally said 'I love you' to each other onstage...

A: The true meaning in words can be hidden by the heart. The layer that is exposed by the lyrics only hints at the depth of the “clear water fountain”, so to speak. Unrequited is what could have been in a parallel universe had the two not met the fate that led them here. All is good, it’s good to wonder

Q: Sorry to beat a dead horse on this one but I'm still confused how Stevie/Lindsey's love is "unrequited" or one sided, essentially is what you're saying. That's sad! I always thought they shared a deep love equal between each other.

A: No that’s alright, beat away. I have been trying not to get too personal because they are some sensitive subjects that I don’t want to interfere with Lindsey’s current personal life. You see, Lindsey now has a beautiful wife & family. What was relevant quite a few years ago, is not necessarily relevant now. I do not want to say anything that will affect his wonderful family & home life, by bringing up certain past situations. Please understand this when sometimes I speak in generalities & cannot get too specific. Let’s just say that back in the day when Stevie & Lindsey were splinting apart, that perhaps it was a bit one-sided with Lindsey being on the more unrequited side. Today, their love has aged into fine wine, which they occasionally share together as friends, whether on tour, in the studio or just when circumstances find them together. Much more equal now, don’t be sad.

Q: Were Robin Anderson and Lindsey good friends as well?

A: I believe they were friends in San Jose, A, if I remember correctly. They hung out together in what they called the “Baskem Ave. house”. I wasn’t there, so this is based on memories of what Stevie & Lindsey told me while living together. My recollections of Robin & Lindsey when I was around them were the two getting along quite well, though Robin always strongly defended Stevie in any disagreements between S & L, she was not neutral.

Q: One of my fondest hopes is to hear Frozen Love performed live before I die. (dark humor). Do you think that will ever happen? Stevie and Lindsey were talking publicly in interviews (separately) about doing something but it seemed they have very divergent views. I wish they would even just do a one-off, film it, and have it as a dvd or on cable or something for posterity. Think it will ever happen?

A: I really do as I have stated here before. Look for a possible project within a year & a half after they wrap up their next tour and record release with FM. My feeling is they will bring their careers to a gradual close  ……together, without the rest of Fleetwood Mac. This would complete the circle and underline two brilliant careers based on eternal love for each other and the creatively explosive energy they generate as a pair. It would also cap the drama, which has always surrounded their lives, in a most appropriate way.
This is just a guess and based on my instinct, not fact. Please use this as a prediction & vehicle of hope only.

Q: Ok, gotta ask - did Lindsey get a moon necklace? :D

A: Oh ya, he got one, just that Lindsey wasn’t one to wear any kind of jewelry back then. Not his jam, so to speak.

Q: Did you ever hang out with Waddy Wachtel? Great musician, doesn't seem to get the recognition he deserves in my opinion

A: Boy did I! Waddy was a mainstay and early mentor to Stevie , Lindsey, & myself. Both frequent visitor to our first apt. together, Primera Ave. & our second apt. on Orange Groove Ave. Waddy also introduced us, along with Jorge Calderon, to Warren Zevon. It was also Waddy & his brother Jimmy (an accomplished artist at the time, doing album covers for record labels) who turned S&L and myself onto reggae music & Bob Marley. Not to mention his guitar playing & Keith Richards production style, that we loved so much. (Can you say “Street Fighting Man” boys & girls?) I have the highest regard & respect for Waddy Wachtel, another hero of my life. And he still goes, chasing the “Energizer Bunny” & making vital music to this day. Love ya Mate & miss you much good friend.

Q: Are you a fan of Cat Stevens? In April Stevie said she saw him performing and she starting crying because it reminded her of the days of Buckingham Nicks. I thought that was very sweet and sad. She then had the opportunity to tell him backstage at the Jimmy Fallon show that he was a huge inspiration to her and Lindsey.

A: Yes, I almost forgot about that. The three of us were all major Cat Stevens fans with “Tea For The Tillerman” being spun constantly around our house when we lived together. Thanks for the great memory.

Q: hey Richard, do you know if Stevie & Lindsey would ever remaster the Buckingham Nicks album? I absolutely adore the album but cannot get hold of it anywhere in the UK, even in vinyl! I have to go onto youtube whenever I fancy listening to it! thanks

A: I get this question a lot & I feel your pain. I have a feeling there are plans in the works to re-release the Buckingham Nicks album, both digitally & on CD. In the meantime, I will try to find a copy here & send you one, on me, if I can find a copy. Please stay in touch via email with Stacy & we will see what we can do. No promises, but I will try.

Q: Hey Richard love the blog, thank you so much for the effort and time you put in this community it's truly amazing! My question is, what is the most touching heart felt thing you have ever seen Stevie do?

A: Wash my clothes back in 1972 with a clothes pin attached to her nose. It was that or burn them and I was too poor to buy even a single sock back then. I think she even broke me off some quarters to get the whole thing done. We finally had to get it done, because we lived so close to the Universal Studios Theme Park and the smell was so bad, that the shark in “Jaws” wouldn’t even come up out of the water to even attack the tour bus! Lol.

Q: I feel really stupid even bringing this up, but I have noticed that it seems that SnL have been going through a rough patch that seems to be getting better. But I know there seems to be some band politics going on as well, (with this band? Shocking! lol), mostly in regards to the album. But I do feel like they are really important to each other and I hope they can eventually overcome all the BS to appreciate each other more. Do you think that can still happen for them? Love this blog <3

A: First of all feel stupid not. You can bet your smartphone on the amount of appreciation they will have for one another in the future. Once the tour is over and the reality of the finality sets in, I think you will see a different attitude. I for one, am still holding out hopes for a Buckingham Nicks second album after the next FM record, the one we did not complete at Sound City all those years ago, that became part of the Fleetwood Mac album before “Rumours”. A great circle to define their shared talents and a real show closer……r

Q: What was the first reaction of the band when they saw you again and what was yours?

A: Wow, personal but good question. Time warp comes to mind. Like no time had passed. Last time I saw them was the night before new years, with my Daughter Harmony, 2013, about 8 months ago. I am usually reluctant to go see them because of the entourage that surrounds the band and it’s so personal for me, I just don’t feel like wading through layers of people just to see my old friends. Mick had called me that afternoon when he arrived in town and invited my daughter and I to come to rehearsal to hear the show  and say hi. He assured me that it would be low key that night and a good time to reconnect. So off we went and I must say, the moment I saw Mick we both felt this warmth that transcended time and space. After a short while Lindsey walked in and hugged me with a both a welcoming and loving grip. Within seconds I knew It was time to drop whatever residual crap I had about the band and Lindsey in particular. Stevie was her usual late but not by much and the band was already playing to a lonely, empty hall when she walked in. There was only about 20 to 30 people there including crew so it was a rather intimate setting to hear the set. I was placed at the sound board in the house (my old office) and was in prime position for Stevie’s onslaught of stories revealing my past with her. Every time a song would end she would launch into a story about are origins and tales of living together with Lindsey. The set itself sounded really great and fresh, best I have heard them in years. Like fine red wine, they matured into a group that played effortlessly together, with relaxed feels and exciting new expressions of songs that made me listen with a whole new perspective. The rhythm section of John and Mick pulsing behind the melody’s were like sitting in my favorite chair, familiar and consistently comfortable, just the way you want to feel the song. After rehearsal Stevie made sure I did not get away by slipping out the back without saying hello. We hugged and talked for some minutes and I was amazed at how relaxed and content she was. (Even happy dare I say) Since that evening I have felt just as close as I ever have to the band and along with this blog, have reunified with my own past. Thanks for asking.