Richard Dashut - Tumblr (08.12.2014)

Stevie Nicks.

The very first moment I set eyes on Stevie was the very first moment I set foot in “control room A” at Sound City. My times at Sound City & friendship with Stevie & Lindsey would be intertwined like a ball of string after a first kite flight for at least the next couple of years. Kieth Olsen got me hired there through Dave Devore, & Joe Gottfried, the then owner of Sound City. My first task was to help paint the control room (this horrible brown color I think) in “studio A” along with a few other unfortunate souls Joe had managed to recruit. Among these souls were Stevie & Lindsey & I swear, Stevie had more paint on her then on the ceiling she was supposed to be painting (not exactly the queen of the paint roller on a poll). Even through the dripping brown paint on her face I could see she was Quite beautiful. They (Stevie & Lindsey) were living at Kieth Olsen’s house in Coldwater Canyon at the time & felt obligated to help Keith & Joe with the studio for upcoming studio time & efforts put into their career. As I looked up at the ceiling, I realized that this girl was not suited for painting & grabbed the roller out of her hand & took over. Now that I think of it, I never stopped looking up when standing next to Stevie. Now I see a free spirit, rustling like leaves on a tall tree anchored in deep earth, not uneven paint. But I’m still looking up. Even though you were sometimes a pain in my neck, (looking up too much I suppose) I’m still looking up.

Love Forever,