Richard Dashut - Tumblr (01.01.2015)

Here is a very rare glimpse of FM history for you “Blue Letter” fans. Besides Lindsey playing his white Les Paul, Mary Torrey and myself sitting on the couch, we have a picture of Michael and Richard Curtis. (Rick is sitting on the back couch with Mary and I.) Rick wrote the song “Blue Letter” which was recorded for the first “Fleetwood Mac” album with Stevie and Lindsey. We spent a lot of time with the Curtis Bros. in the early days and this picture was quite possibly taken by Stevie herself. Rick and Michael deserve a lot of credit for having an important part in our early musical development. Stevie and Lindsey always had the greatest of respect for the Curtis Bros. talents and I believe they had a strong influence on S&Ls early songwriting style. Enjoy and Happy New Year.