Stevie - Winnipeg Free Press (05.11.2013)

Early last year, Buckingham, Fleetwood and John McVie went into the studio to work on music and recorded several songs. "I didn't go then because my mom had just died," Nicks says. "But I recently went into the studio with Lindsey, and we listened to the songs they recorded. I put vocals on two songs, and they came out great. They really sound like great Fleetwood Mac songs. Lindsey told me when they were recording, he had really tried to see through my eyes, to really be me, and he has the ability to do that. They're really a lot of fun."

Nicks hopes another song that may be new to Fleetwood Mac fans, though not new to fans of her solo work, may make it into the set.

"I told Lindsey when we finished Soldier's Angel that this song is going to go far and wide," she says of the song about injured veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. "We'll be able to carry this right out of my work into Fleetwood Mac.... It gives me the platform to continue to talk about these kids who really need your help. It lets me tell thousands of people a night that this problem is not over."