Stevie - Star Tribune (01.13.2015)

How is she getting along with Buckingham, her onetime lover and longtime bandmate even before Fleetwood Mac?

“My relationship with Lindsey is not different than it’s ever been,” Nicks said. “Our relationship has always been difficult. It was difficult three years before we joined Fleetwood Mac [in 1975]. In the long run, Lindsey and I are very, very different people. I’m kind of a giggly girl and he’s a real serious guy. That’s exactly who we were and exactly who we are now.

“We disagree on just about everything. We don’t really have arguments. I know how he feels about something because someone else will tell me. He knows how I feel because someone else tells him. We don’t confront each other. We don’t ever want that to go onstage. We don’t ever want to get in the boxing ring.”

In concert, there is a special chemistry between the two, which was noticeable when she hit a high note on the word “snow” in “Landslide” at Target Center last year and they exchanged glances that said, “Wow!”

“Most people start lowering the keys as you get older. I do a vocal lesson that’s 27 minutes and then a half-hour later it’s 11 more minutes every night before I go onstage,” Nicks explained. “On times like that when I’m going up for that ‘snow’ note, I’m really using my technique. It blows my mind every night, and I think it blows his mind, too.

“That high, high note was not on the record. Not only is it a good singing moment, but it’s a little bit of a comedy moment for us, too.”

Still, there must be some kind of tension, creative or otherwise, between the two. When asked about Buckingham’s reaction to her new solo album, “24 Karat Gold,” released during the fall tour, Nicks sounded resigned.

“He saw me do ‘Lady’ on Jimmy Fallon, which was written about us. He knew the song because he was there when I wrote it. He said, ‘I thought you performed it beautifully.’ That’s really the only thing he’s said about the record. I don’t even know if he’s even listened to it.”

Maybe he’s shying away because several of the songs are about him.