Review - (11.04.2006)

Though it was a Lindsey Buckingham solo show, there were the requisite number of blonde haired women in platform boots and as much black chiffon as they could rustle up for the show.

Though Stevie was not visibly present, her mother, Barbara Nicks was in the audience for about half of the show.

Instead of entering the stage from the front, as many of the artists who play the Celebrity do, Lindsey came around from the back. He went right into NOT TOO LATE and then someone wished him a belated happy birthday before he got into TROUBLE.

He said, “This town has a lot of connections, all the way back to when I was a boy and we’d stay at the Camelback Inn, back when Scottsdale was a one-horse town. I spend a good deal of time here, in my memories and in the present. Stevie’s mom is here tonight, this is dedicated to her.” Stevie’s mom grinned and he played NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN.