Stevie - Entertainment Weekly (12.03.2012)

After all these years and tumultuous relationships within the band, have you figured out how to get along with each other while you’re touring?

Well, in Fleetwood Mac there’s always gonna be drama [laughs]. You’re never gonna get away from that. And I think if we ever got away from that everybody would be very bored. The audiences would certainly be bored. So it’s never gonna happen. But what we have done is, I spent almost a week up at Lindsey [Buckingham]’s house two or three weeks ago. We were working on some music. But we spent probably 70% of the time just talking. And talking about all our old stories. And telling my assistant all the old stories, going all the way back to 1966, when I first met Lindsey. And she’s there, her eyes as big as saucers listening to all this.

It’s really good therapy for Lindsey and I too, you know, and we have stories for hundreds of years that we can tell you. It was great for us. It really reminds Lindsey and I of how far we’ve come and how hard we worked. And how lucky we are to be where we are today. And that Lindsey and I are always gonna be that dramatic couple on stage. Because we just are. It’s who we are.

We’re never gonna be, there’s that French word, laissez faire, we’re never gonna be that. We’re always gonna be tumultuous and we’re always gonna be crazy, and because there’s a part of Lindsey’s and my relationship that is so ultra-special from back in the day, that you can never, no matter how old we get, it’s never gonna go away. He’s married now, he has three beautiful children, and a really lovely wife. He lives in girl world! Between his wife and his two daughters, he and his son are like, they’re a minority. It’s like, these are beautiful little girls and they have little beautiful girlfriends that are all over at the house all the time. So he lives in a world full of women.

They probably don’t know him as a rock star, he’s just Dad.

Absolutely! They don’t know anything about all that. They are from a new generation. So they have softened him.

Do you find that with things like Rumors charting again after those songs were featured in a Glee episode last year, that much younger people are coming to the shows?

Absolutely. When you look out over our audience, you’d be very, very surprised to see how many younger people there are there. And I think that’s not just Glee. It’s mainly because their parents played Fleetwood Mac. And played Stevie Nicks. And those kids heard the music. And they caught onto it a long time ago. And so little kids that were listening to it that are now 25, they’re there.

And at first, when we first went back out in 1998, after not touring for almost 10 years, we thought, “Well really, the only people that are gonna come see us are gonna be people that are our age.” And that was really kinda true, for like the first half. And then, all of a sudden, there’s like tons of really young people, and I can remember Lindsey saying, “Oh my God, I thought that only people our age would come. And I said to him, “Lindsey, build a field and they will come. They are here. So lucky you, you’re not playing to an audience of totally older people. Half of this audience is not even 20!”