Lindsey - The Rock 106.7 (10.05.2006)

Buckingham told that he would think about doing something based around the Buckingham-Nicks album, which the pair released in 1973: “I think there are things Stevie and I could do, if we could find the common ground to coexist, you know, which is probably more up to me than it is her. The Buckingham-Nicks album, which has never been released on CD, you know, who’s to say that we couldn’t go out and tour that, that would be an interesting concept.”

Buckingham told that no matter what’s in store, he hopes to remain on good terms with Nicks: “Whatever happens with Stevie, I would just wanna, with the band in general obviously, but I mean with Stevie in particular, because I’ve known her for so long, since I was about 16, one thing that would be very important to me by the time we say ‘we’re not gonna do this any more,’ would be that Stevie and I end up in a really good space together, you know.”