Lindsey - Sound Opinions (08.09.2013)

“Well, I mean, we are having dialogues about trying to figure out what we’re doing beyond this because we have this EP right now, which is four songs. We are thinking about 2014 - could we go in and finish an album? Could we string a couple of years together for a change? That would be novel. So we’re talking on that level and, I guess, sort of behind that is everything else because I don’t think you can get to that point without there being some laying down of all that.

But also, I think there are times when it is difficult for Stevie and me to separate the reality from the role. Because back in the seventies, in the late seventies, clearly it was the reality. I’ve been married for a long time, I have three beautiful children - best thing that ever happened to me, relatively late. Which, I wouldn’t have been ready for it earlier. So that’s a reality now and yet here I am still writing songs about Stevie and that has now become the role I’m playing. And so I think that we both understand that there’s been that separation and that, at some point, reality sort of slipped into being the role.”

“You know, we tend to tour every three years, something like that, and you would think that somehow our dynamic would have flatlined by now but, if I go back two tours to maybe 2004, what was interesting about that tour was that there was a lot of animosity still between Stevie and me. We were coming off making the Say You Will album and there had been some tension in the studio. Then you come to 2008 or 2009 or whenever that was and that had been neutralised but, somehow, there was kind of a void in terms of Stevie’s and my dynamic.

And now you cut to this tour and it’s gone the other way and so somehow now we are acknowledging the fact that we’ve known each other since we were 16, 17 years old and wondering what’s it all about, you know. And still wondering, you know, maybe wondering where it’s going but, yes, I mean, it is cyclical, and a song like Say Goodbye which was written close to ten years ago when my children were born and I was able to sort of take an overview of some of that.

The capsule of what seems to be running, a thread running through the show, you know, where Stevie and I are able to acknowledge some of this from time to time and I think it raises the whole level of the performances and, certainly, the subtext of what has gone on for the last thirty-some-odd years, you know.”

“If we had, hypothetically, remained as Buckingham Nicks, there was a parallel thing we had. I think our set of reference points as Buckingham Nicks was far more similar than it became in Fleetwood Mac. So who’s to say that wouldn’t have translated to an easier road for us to stay together as a couple?

Another thing is that, really, Christine McVie, when we joined the band, was on the outs with John McVie. They were married when we joined and, if Stevie had any of those thoughts, having another woman to corroborate with, it either enlarged the sense of that being the road or it certainly accelerated it, one of the two.

And the last thing is, again, that Stevie, at some point after the first album, her persona onstage was latched onto and she was, in a sense, called away by a larger world and separated on her own from me. So you’ve got those three things.”

— explaining three primary contributing factors to his and Stevie’s break-up