Lindsey - CNN Headline News (05.05.2004)

CNN: At least, if anything, this proves that last year's reunion album, Say You Will, was not a one shot thing. You've got all this activity coming up, it's gonna be a busy summer for you. Did you miss the band members, the crowds, the music, what? 
LB: Well, I think you, you know, the reconvening of this group of people was more about just fate. A series of circumstances  led us to this and the significant thing is that we're enjoying it a lot more than we were able to before. We're all come through the other side of our various struggles, and we're just friends now. We're having a great time. 
CNN: That kinda gets into my next question, that a lot of the baggage from getting the band going and struggling through and having all of this great success and then seeing the rollercoaster of fame and all of this pop stardom, that maybe the pressure is off maybe more than ever. 
LB: Well, it is, yes, and obviously, there was a certain [shows Dance era footage again] kind of convolution that took place in terms of having couples that were breaking up within the band at that time, kind of exercises in denial you might say, so yeah, we're having a better time than we've ever had.