Fleetwood Mac - Blender Magazine (May 2003)

11. Before they joined the band, L.A. folkies Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks released an album of their own. They were both topless on the cover. Nicks bought a new blouse for the shoot, but Buckingham didn't like it, so he made her pose with nothing on. "I spent my last $111 on that blouse," Nicks says. "I didn't eat for days. I was crying when we took that picture."

12. Success did not make them happy. The 1975 album Fleetwood Mac made them millionaires. But by the time they began to record Rumours, the couples - John and Christine McVie, Nicks and Buckingham - had to split up. Fleetwood, too, was getting divorced. The band spent 18 hours a day in the studio but didn't speak. "Making Rumours was an exercise in denial," Buckingham says. "Trying to get the music done, minimizing the distress of having to produce songs for Stevie when I didn't even want to see her."

27. Buckingham finally succumbed to the curse of Fleetwood Mac guitarists. At one show in New Zealand, as Nicks sang "Rhiannon," he pulled his jacket over his head and began performing a grotesque imitation of her. Christine McVie slapped him. "I might have chucked a glass of wine over him, too," she says. "I didn't think that was the way to treat a paying audience."

30. Buckingham has never attended the "Night of a Thousand Stevies." Nor will he be turning up for the annual New York gathering of drag queens and Nicks look-alikes anytime soon. "She gets a lot of people at her shows who dress like her. I don't know if I could handle that, though."

31. Even the President of the United States had a hard time getting Buckingham back into Fleetwood Mac. When asked to rejoin the band to perform "Don't Stop" for Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993, Buckingham couldn't make up his mind. "I called Lindsey," Nicks says, "and said, 'If you cheat me out of this moment, I'll never speak to you again.' So he did it."