Stevie - After Ellen (06.07.2011)

On whether she’ll ever write a memoir and, if so, what tidbits might be included:

I think if I were to do that, which I’d consider, I would never write a creepy, tell-all book. I would write a vignette book where one chapter would be Peace Sunday, which was 100,000 people. And I would tell you what happened on that day. And one chapter would be the day I met Lindsey [Buckingham]. And one chapter would be the day that Mick Fleetwood called and asked us to join Fleetwood Mac.

On her favorite song that she’s written over the course of her career:

Oh, that is hard. Because I have different favorites at different times in my life. And that doesn’t necessarily mean like I put out an album and one of the songs on that album is now my favorite song. It doesn’t mean that at all. It just means that whatever is happening to me in my life kind of tends to move me towards what might be my favorite song to sing on stage.

Right now, for me, my favorite song is “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)” [from In Your Dreams]. But part of that song was written in the mid-’70s, so that — it’s kind of an ancient song that travels down through time between Lindsay and Stevie and Edward and Bella. So for right now that’s my favorite.