Stevie - BBC R4's Woman’s Hour (09.16.2013)

Your relationship with Lindsey Buckingham is the one that the fans care about. There is a period, I think, during every live show that you hold hands with him, and you’re together onstage.

A year and a half ago in like 2011, November, Lindsey and I sat down at my house and I had a talk with him. I told him everything that I’d really wanted to say since 1968. And I said to him, you know, ‘Do you remember who we were? Do you remember how cute were? And how sweet we were and how funny we were? And how compassionate we were?’ I said, ‘Lindsey, we need to go back there. We need to be those people again. And if we can’t be those people again, we cannot walk onstage again.’

And what did he say?

He was very quiet. He listened. He didn’t yell at me. And that was in November. A year later, at the end of the year, I went up to his house and we recorded four songs and we had a great time. And we laughed and we told my assistant all the crazy stories about the beginning, and I thought, you know what, he heard me. So on this tour we have been very aware of our old relationship and we talk about it onstage and we laugh onstage. I have this one story that I tell that’s like nine minutes long, explaining a lost song that we recorded on those four days, and I’ve said to Lindsey several times ‘I know it’s a long story’ and he looked at me and he said ‘No, Stevie, it’s charming’. And I’m like do I know you? There’s a different certain love that’s going on onstage that has not been there in thirty years.

You have also had a brief relationship with Mick Fleetwood as well. My understanding is that he actually left for one of your best friends.

He did.

And your sadness is not that you lost Mick but that you lost the friend.

Kind of. I was betrayed in a way. But isn’t it funny cos all those years later Mick and I are best friends. I mean, I go to Maui and hang out with Mick and his family. If we weren’t in the rock’n’roll business, we would be those families that go on vacation together on a Disney cruise or something crazy like that. Mick and I are friends in a way that Lindsey and I could never be friends. We’re just best friends. Our relationship didn’t last a long time, Mick’s and mine. It was a year. And Lindsey’s and my relationship lasted from when we first met in 1968 and I joined his band up until now. Mick and I will be best friends when we’re ninety. But Lindsey’s and my relationship is different.

More complicated.

Much more complicated, yeah.

And that, of course, is the mythology of Fleetwood Mac.


It’s what the audience wants, isn’t it?


They don’t really want you to have an uncomplicated relationship.

No, there’s never going to be an uncomplicated relationship so they can be happy in the knowledge that our relationship will always have that little moment of romance. And I said that to him. I said ‘You know, when we walk on the stage, Lindsey, we are a power couple. You have a wife and three kids. There’s nothing going on between you and me except that there will always be something going on between you and me. Until the day we die. Seventeen and sixteen. We’ve been together that long. There’s not many people that we have known as long as we’ve known each other.’