Stevie - Spinner (04.29.2011)

We're so used to hearing about how your albums have had difficult gestation periods, but you've said that making 'In Your Dreams' was great -- it must be a relief.

Well, this is how it should be. When you make records with Fleetwood Mac, they're difficult. That's not to say they're not amazing -- they obviously are, and that's why I am famous; every time I drive up to my gorgeous house, I go, "This is the house that Fleetwood Mac built." So did we argue? Yes. Did we have fights? Yes. But was the music that came out of it fantastic? Yes. However, it was difficult.

The song 'Moonlight (Vampire's Dream)' was influenced by 'Twilight: New Moon,' and the album teaser, with its vampires, is a bit like 'True Blood.' The rise of fantasy in pop culture right now seems to resonate with your own longtime aesthetic. Is America catching up to you?

I think they are. The first and the third verse in 'Moonlight' were written in the mid-'70s. The second verse -- "She's lonely, lost, and disconnected" -- was written in Brisbane right after I saw the movie. So the song, really, is ancient times up to today.

The chorus -- "It's strange, she runs from the ones she can't keep up with" -- is all about the love affair between Bella and Edward [in 'New Moon']. But "Some call her strange lady from the mountains/Others say she's not really real," that's written in 1976. The same with the third verse: "He loves her, but he loves his life alone as well" -- people would think that was written about Edward, but it was written about Lindsey. So this really is an ancient song that encompasses my strange and everlasting relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, and Bella and Edward, all mixed into one.

There was something vampiric, then, between you and Lindsey?

It is! Our love affair. As much as we fight and have our differences of opinion on almost everything, if anything were to happen to either of us, I would be the first one there and he would be the first one here. So it is a story [about how] love never dies.