Stevie - (11.02.2003)

"For 70 nights, right across America, I’ve been getting out there with two ex-lovers and we’ve been playing songs which are so specific about each of us, you just wouldn’t know," she says. "We’re friends now but we can’t forget what happened between us. 

"Before each show, as we gather outside our dressing-rooms, Mick bends down from his lofty height and kisses me on the forehead and that’s heavy. Then Lindsey and I, we climb into this little lift to be hoisted onto the stage, and he clasps his hands behind his back and I hold onto them, and for those 40 seconds we’re united. It feels like we’re in love again." 

In Glasgow and elsewhere on the tour, Mac-heads will be watching for knowing smiles and poignant glances, and while Nicks might be selling the whole on-stage, open-wounded experience to the hilt, she seems to be feeling it, too. 

"I’m pretty much single and will probably be that way for the rest of my life. Lindsey’s married now with two adorable twin girls and a third baby on the way and I’m thrilled for him. But we sing a new song called ‘Say Goodbye To You’ and there’s such a sadness between us that’s like, ‘Could it have happened for us, later on, when we were 60 - could we have found our way back to each other?’ It’s really intense. 

"But, you know," she adds, "the truly incredible thing is we’re realising that you can perform a two-and-a-half-hour gig without being high and still have a fantastic time. This will sound a bit pathetic to normal people but we feel kind of proud that we can do that without being the drug addict/alcoholics we used to be."