Stevie - Rolling Stone (10.31.2002)

From Fleetwood Mac are at work inside a rented Bel-Air home recording their next album. Despite the departure of long-standing member Christine McVie, the remaining four, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood seem in good spirits." As much as we miss Christine personally, I don't think there is anything missing musically" says Buckingham. New tracks for the album include Nick's haunting "Thrown Down" and Buckingham's potent "Peacekeeper". The new set is currently untitled-recent suggestions include Infatuation (Nicks' suggestion after a recent dream) and Gift Of Screws.

Because Christine McVie is sitting it out this time, Nicks is the only woman in the band, so she has certain concerns that the fellas do not. "There is a tub of red licorice in the studio, fifteen boxes of Wheat Thins, Doritos and Fritos -- my favorite thing," she says. "It's a boys' kitchen, full of great stuff. And I just say to myself, 'You can never eat this, or you will weigh 170 pounds at the end of this project.' I walk in like I've got tank armor on."

How goes it in the studio? Your relationship with the band has outlasted most marriages.

A lot of times it's just me and Lindsey [Buckingham]. You know, we have a lot of the same problems that we've always had, which is our egos. And we've had a lot of fights. But we spend hours talking -- we're like a bunch of girls sometimes. We'll be putting a guitar part on, and all of a sudden we'll be talking about something that happened on the Tusk tour, and two hours later we're still talking about it. And we're filming a documentary at the studio, so there's a crew with us at all times. There were a couple of times where I've gotten just furious and walked out of the room, yelling, and I've nearly run over the sound guy. It's like the TV show Big Brother. If we could vote each other out, we'd all be fine! My vote would come up "Lindsey." Lindsey's would say "Stevie" [laughs].