Stevie - Off the Record w/ Mary Turner (1986)

"I wrote a song with Les Dudek called Sister Honey. Which was probably one of the most fun two months of my life... it was the closest I've been back to the same environment that Lindsey and I were in. Les sort of just parked his Harley Davidson outside our house, and like, became a part of my family. He just became a part of my family, you know, everyone loved him to death.And he just lived there, and we worked all night and all day for about seven weeks. And he played *loud* rock and roll, *raucous* loud rock and roll guitar, and we sang *loud*, the entire canyon was ringing with this song. And I love nothing better than to be in the company of a great guitar player. It's the only time when I'm calm, and I think it's because of living all those years with Lindsey. And all he ever did was play guitar. Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, not plugged in, sound off on the television. And I *had* to learn to cool out and be calm when that was going on, or get out. And so when in the studio, here,or anywhere, the *only* time really when I am completely calm is when a guitar player is working on a part. Very strange."