Stevie - NZTV’s Close Up (11.01.2005)

I just finished 135 Fleetwood Mac Shows. We do get along, but we all still totally fight. The dynamic hasn't really changed, you know, but Lindsey and I adore each other - but we just have that love/hate thing, you know, where I wanna do this song, and he doesn't, so, it keeps it very real and very passionate to this day, so there's nothing boring or overdone about Fleetwood Mac, you know?

We all think back to our trip to New Zealand, you know, it's an amazing story, it was the fight of all fights, and I think there was thirty thousand people there, that had come from buses all around New Zealand to see us. We were on the last song of the set, and Lindsey threw his Les Paul guitar at me. I ducked so it didn't hit me, but I was so mad that he had endangered my life. He then stormed off the stage - and we all stormed off the stage after him. The bodyguards and everyone had to physically seperate all of us, and we didn't do an encore that night, and that is the first and only time we have not done an encore. He was mad at me probably because he... it was okay for me to be the performer that i was when we were a couple, but when we broke up, he hated that fact that i was such a lead singer. And Im sure when we left New Zealand, we were not even on the same plane.

It’s still the same fire, oh yeah, because Lindsey and I, you know, we have that everlasting love affair, that though, he’s married and has 3 children, can you believe that, he has 3 children - and he is a total dad, you know, he has been taking little girls to ballet lessons - but we still have that dynamic, that just is, that just exists, and will still be existing when we are 90 years old.