Stevie - Clash Magazine (August 2011)

What about Fleetwood Mac’s last tour. How was your relationship with Lindsey Buckingham?

Lindsey and I always have fights and on the last tour, which was eighty-three shows, we had a couple of fights. But it was an improvement as on the 2003 Say You Will Tour we were ALWAYS fighting. We always will. Our up-and-down relationship never really changes. It’s not different now than it was in 1976 when we broke up. But Lindsey did help me record ‘Soldiers Angel’ on my new album. And I’m pleased as it’s the most revered song I’ve ever written.

Why are your fans so obsessed by your relationship?

Because we have this musical magic together. He is the musical love of my life. And personally, we spent five years together and had some real wonderful moments. It’s as close to a solid marriage I’ve ever had. But when we joined Fleetwood Mac, that became more important than us and that’s why the band lasted and we didn’t. If we had married I think we would never have made it to Fleetwood Mac. You need a psychiatrist to figure out our relationship but when it comes to our musical attraction that never goes away.