Lindsey - USC Pop Forum (01.13.2012)

Q: On Stevie’s new album, you’re featured on the track Soldier’s Angel. How is it working with her outside of Fleetwood, and did that take you back to Buckingham Nicks at all?

LB: Well, it did more this time, you know. You would not think after all this time that Stevie and I still have some chapters together, or something to figure out. I mean, I mean, we’re talking since 1973. I mean, I’ve known Stevie since I was 16, you know, and we were a couple from maybe ‘71 to ‘77, ‘72 to ‘77. Um, but, you know, a lot of the time - to speak frankly, much of the time with Stevie has been difficult. Um, in order to, uh, to be in a band together, often the best method was not to interact too much, you know. And it’s not, it’s not, um, unkind, you know. I mean, you could say we’re our own version of Don Henley and Glenn Frey. There are people, you know, they work together, you have to have your own lives. You have to have some boundaries around those things. Um, Stevie and I, I don’t think are quite as simple as Don and Glenn. I think there’s more going on underneath the surface.

M: Funny. When we had Glenn here last semester, he said they were just like Buckingham Nicks.

LB: There you go! *laughs* I wouldn’t doubt it! I mean, we are on semi-parallel tracks, these two bands. Um, but you know, so Stevie’s and my thing, you know, it has not always been easy. Her sensibility - I mean, if you want to look at two people who at one time had similar sensibilities but somehow grew away from each other in terms of musical sensibilities, we have done that. So there’s that. There’s the politics that, um, come with that. Um, but yeah, I mean, when I, when I got together with her on this last album, um - You have to start with the fact that she was having a very positive experience making an album, which, by the way, she had not had for a long time. She’d done, her last few solo endeavors were not happy projects for her, and, um, she just, I guess Dave Stewart - who produced it - was just someone who provided an environment for her which not only made her feel good about the music but made her feel good about herself.

And so, coming into that, as someone who - And Stevie has also given up a lot. This is probably a longer answer than you wanted. You opened up that can of worms. Um, you know, she gave up a lot to be Stevie Nicks, you know. She does not have kids, you know. As far as I know, she doesn’t even really have a relationship right now, you know. I was very lucky. I was very well defended for many years but I met a woman and I had, I now have three children, so there are a lot of things that I got in on late, for sure, but still there. And so, you know, in the context of what I’ve been able to experience and hopefully, you know, in our never ending struggle to become adults, um, we’re still getting there. I think, you know, she and I came together this time and there was a lot of love there, that has always been there but has been suppressed. And so, uh, because she was feeling good and because I was feeling good, there was a kind of a cyclical and a circular coming around again, and so I hope there are some more chapters for Stevie and me, whether it’s in Fleetwood Mac or maybe even doing another album with just the two of us. I’d love to do that. So, um, we’ll just have to wait and see, yeah.