Peter Stroud - Radio Interview (2001)

“We were listening to a cassette tape, one of the original [Buckingham Nicks demo] cassette tapes…they were songs that Stevie had written, there was a couple maybe they had written together, but they were the original performances of the two of them together…. We were just working from those tapes…reworking the songs… It was one night when Lindsey came up to see Stevie at the studio. And, uh, after they visited, then, uh, later on, y’know, Sheryl said ‘Hey, why don’t we get, why don’t we get Lindsey to play?’ You know, and so they called him back and said, ‘Hey, come on down. You know, you wanna play?’ He said ‘Sure!’…. He just took off. We did, I think, five passes of this song. Every one was amazing. He would just play lead over it. You know…we just jammed. You know, the way you did it with Stevie was you would just play the song from start to finish, and just get that groove, and if it set her off and set the groove that she wanted she’d be in her vocal booth singing and we were all in the main room. And we just jammed. It would go on for five, six, seven minutes… Unfortunately, it didn’t make the record.”