Lindsey - KBCO 97.3 Denver (07.26.2013)

B: Tell me the story behind Without You because I understand that it was a lost song.

L: It was. I mean, uh, there is some disagreement as to when it was written. Stevie's been introducing that onstage, you know, as the nicest song she ever wrote about me *laughs* which is, you know, it may very well be true. Certainly, when that was written, um, our whole set of experiences lay before us and so, you know, we, she, I think it was written after the Buckingham Nicks album in that period of time before we connected up with Fleetwood Mac. She thinks it's a little earlier. Either way, you know, it's a very loving song, it celebrates the idea of the two of us and what that cocktail is when the two of use get together. But, um, yes, it's one of those things that fell by the wayside. It probably would've gone on that second Buckingham Nicks album had we done that. And then the demo of it just kind of lay fallow for years and then I believe it turned it somehow, as things tend to do, on YouTube or somewhere on the internet. And that's how Stevie became aware of it again because I think she'd forgotten about it and she mentioned it to me. And of course I remembered it perfectly and it's one of those things that, it just goes back to, you know, an early, early time and you just don't forget about it and it was a perfect contribution from her for this EP.

B: You mentioned yourself the Buckingham Nicks album. It's funny, I've asked you about it a couple of times and I've asked Stevie about it a couple of times regarding the re-release of the album. And when I ask one of you, you say 'ask the other one' so *Lindsey laughs* are we ever going to see an official re-release of the Buckingham Nicks album which is legendary in status?

L: Well, yeah, I think, you know, that's the irony. Part of the fact that it's legendary is that it's somewhat elusive. And yes, I think there will be a re-release of that on CD officially. Uh, you know, I feel it coming soon, you know. I mean, a lot of what's interesting about Stevie and me is we have our solo work that we do and then we come together in Fleetwood Mac and there are still chapters to be written about Stevie and me after all this time. I mean, it's hard to fathom how that could really be, that we would still be evolving, but that seems to be the case and I think that's one reason it's taken so long for us to come together for figuring out when's a good time to re-release that. Because we are sort of playing hide and see with each other, you know.

B: Well, I know that I have to let you go because you have a tight schedule but you're always fascinating to talk with. The Extended Play EP is out -

L: It's actually called Extended Play. We were just going to call it EP but then we thought the words Extended Play have a certain resonance. You can take it more as, you know, the idea of a play that has these three or four acts which would apply to this group or to Stevie and myself. There's lots of ways you can look at that so we jus left it at that.