Fleetwood Mac - Rumours DVD-A (2001)


Lindsey: I remember writing that when we got off the road. It was written about a girl that I had met in New England and spent a very short amount of time with. Someone who really, initially, didn’t want to spend time with me, and I talked her into it. And of course, ‘been down one time, been down two times, never going back again’ is really a sweet sentiment. It’s a naive sentiment. Because every time you are happy, you create this illusion for yourself that you’re never gonna be unhappy again. Life doesn’t really work that way, and you have to learn to accept that you’ll have ups and downs your entire life. So that was really the sentiment of the song for me.


Lindsey: It's an interesting song in what it seems to be saying. Very bittersweet - because she's talking about being MY Silver Spring, and what we could have been as lovers. A beautifully put together song on a musical level. It has some of the best guitar work on the album, speaking for what I was able to contribute to it. A lot of layering and volume pedals, textures across the top, and acoustic picking. I know Stevie was disappointed that it didn't make it at the time. We were worried a bit about the flow of the album and what the album needed. It was a shame that it didn't make it. It was certainly warranted.

Lindsey: It's like a great scene from a movie that gets cut and left on the cutting room floor. But it is - it's a great song.

Stevie: It's like 'the couple is back together!'


Lindsey: It was actually something Stevie and I were doing before we were in the band.

Stevie: It was on the demo we came to LA with.

Lindsey: That would've been back in 1974 when she wrote that. And we did perform that live on several occasions. I think it was slightly inspired by Buddy Holly, after the Buckingham Nicks era certainly. But when we tried to get things going, and we were dealing with indifference from management and label and people trying to get us on the circuit.