Lindsey - Idaho Statesman (06.22.2007)

Is the pared-down approach to "Under the Skin" and to this tour related to marriage and kids? Have you gotten to a time in life where simplicity feels good rather than big, outrageous guitar armies?

Yeah, I think there is something to be said for that. I would say there is a connection between the desire or the idea to do something more intimate and experiencing something more intimate at home, for sure. And it all seems to hang together. I mean you're writing about new things. 

And a lot of those questions were hanging out there for years with the band. I mean, as far as living with Stevie and being a partner with her for years and then breaking up and never really getting closure, and just a lot of crud hanging out there for years that finally got answered.

But in retrospect, you've got Mick and even Stevie now saying that's [Tusk] their favorite album. And for me, that's a line in the sand that I drew that still provides me with the set of values that allow me to keep moving forward. Where you feel it's important to know yourself and not to succumb to a set of labels that other people want to put on you. So, I guess, the long answer is yes, but not in the same way that John Mayer is doing.

What do you enjoy more: Doing the solo intimate thing or playing with Fleetwood Mac in an arena?

I definitely enjoy the solo thing. Although I will have to say, (I enjoyed) the last Fleetwood Mac tour we did, which was three-plus years ago. Even though Christine wasn't there and even though we all miss her as a person, you know, she just picked up stakes and moved to England, I have to say I had more fun on that tour than I've ever had by virtue of the fact that it was just two writers up there. And it opened up a set of possibilities for me to be more of a guy, you know? More testosterone playing around on stage. 

So I was probably able to be more me on stage with Fleetwood Mac than I'd ever been before. I don't know how other people in the band felt about that, and we could talk for hours about that, but we won't go there. (Chuckles.) I've actually talked about that, and Stevie's read it and gotten pissed off at me. So I don't talk about that anymore!