Stevie - MSN Live Chat (05.16.2001)

DishDiva : YogurtBabe Asks: Hi Stevie. I heard you say in an interview once that one of the members of Fleetwood Mac wrote a song for you named Stephanie right? Is it recorded on an album? I'd love to hear it since I share your name.

Stevie_Nicks_Live : The song is on "Buckingham Nicks" and it's called "Stephanie" and I think I intimidated him enough that he called it "Stephanie." I'm sure it's out there somewhere, floating out there somewhere.

DishDiva : BothWill Asks: Did this new album teach or reinforce anything about the art of collaboration?

Stevie_Nicks_Live : I don't really collaborate when I write my songs, I write them and then give them to who is going to work with them whether it's John Shanks, Lindsy, Sheryl. My songs are pretty much done when they're done by me.

DishDiva : LilliBlue_1 Asks: Was the song "Silver Springs" written for Lindsay?

Stevie_Nicks_Live : Yes, absolutely.

DishDiva : iamjustagirl_31 Asks: What is the story behind the song Landslide?

Stevie_Nicks_Live : It was written in Colorado, in snow covered hills of Aspen, in 1974 and it was really the only time Lindsey and I were really going "what if this didn't work out"? when they dropped the record "Polydor" and I had to get a job and we didn't know how we would survive. It was about setting new priorities, we had to figure out how to get out of that little rut we were in.

DishDiva : SomethingOfADreamer Asks: What do you think the new Fleetwood Mac album will be like without Christine? 

Stevie_Nicks_Live : I think it will be more guitar oriented, less keyboard, and if the trio is no longer the trio, it's a duo which leaves Lindsey and I where we were when we first started. We're very excited about it, it will be very different.