Stevie - Phoenix Gazette (06.06.1994)

Of course, most relationships aren't documented on record the way Nicks' was on "Rumours," Fleetwood Mac's soap-opera-as-art LP. During the recording of the album, Nicks broke up with longtime boyfriend Buckingham, the group's nomadic guitar player. The band's other pair, Christine and John McVie, also divorced at the time, but the lyrical battles between Nicks and Buckingham were particularly pointed. Witness Buckingham's "Go Your Own Way," which included these lyrics: "Shacking up is all you wanna do."

"Oh, it bugged me terrible," Nicks says of the song. "And I had to listen to it every night and sing along with it. It would just put me right back in the place where Lindsey and I were when he wrote that song . . . back to our apartment (where he was) really angry with me. It was like I had to revisit the world of the big fight every time he sang it."