Stevie - Jim Ladd (1983)

"The song the Wild Heart is really kind of an abstract song because I decided to call this record The Wild Heart before Belladonna came out. Wild Heart the "where is the reason, don't blame it on me" that was written in New York. At the same time Enchanted was written. A long long time ago. Right at the time that Belladonna came out. The verses something in my heart died last night. one more chip on an already broken heart I think the heart died, broke long ago. That's when I needed you. The second verse. "I run around like a spirit in flight. Fearlessness is fearlessness. I will not forget this night. Dare my wild heart." That was written a good year later. Probably what I'm saying "One more chip in an already broken heart that's when I needed you" is probably saying that some of the love that I probably search for always was what I needed a long time ago, probably when Lindsey and I were in love. That's when I need to know it was all right. That's when nobody told me. And so that's I think what the "one more chip in an already"... cause that came out very quickly I mean I went to my piano at noon with a glass of wine and I was really unhappy."