Stevie - Florida Times Union (05.29.1998)

'I'm going to do a version of Landslide, since I have two incredible guitarists,' she said, 'and they should be able to play the part almost as well as Lindsey.'

There is one thing she won't try without Lindsey Buckingham, her longtime romantic partner and original musical collaborator, with whom she joined Fleetwood Mac. It's Silver Springs, the B-side that became a hit from the 1997 live reunion album, The Dance. The song seemed directed at Buckingham. In concert, it became a searing statement as she stood to face him as she sang it.

'I can't do Silver Springs without Lindsey,' she said. 'After people seeing us, and having it on TV all the time, I think it would be kind of an empty song without the other person.'

That also made for some startling juxtapositions on her boxed set.

'On the third disc, I put Twister and Long Distance Winner together because of the incredible similarity between the sound of the voice, and the songs.'

Never mind that one song was written for the 1996 disaster movie, and the other came from the long out-of-print Buckingham Nicks duet album 23 years earlier.