Stevie - eUniverse (05.01.2001)

TC: Wouldn't it be kind of ironic if Candlebright, a song that I read that you wrote in 1970 with Lindsey Buckingham, became a hit?

Stevie Nicks: Wouldn't that be.

TC: In like 2002 or 2001.

Stevie Nicks: That was on one of our, that was on the group of 12 songs that Lindsey and I moved to Los Angeles with. That is one of the songs that we got our Buckingham Nicks deal with Polydor. That was written, I mean, that was written... Lindsey lived at home with mom and dad when I wrote that song. And I lived in a little apartment in Santa Fe cause my mom and dad had just moved to Chicago and I didn't want to go. So I, or I would have still been living at home. So it's like that really is, Candlebright is really, I think, the premonition of all time song. Because I had no idea. You know? I mean I always kind of thought I'd be famous but I didn't know, you know, the whole thing about traveling constantly, and keeping the, the candle in the window and, that whole idea. I didn't know anything about that.

TC: How many songs do you think are in your song vault?

Stevie Nicks: Many. Many, many, many. You know, because I was very prolific between 1970 and 1980. And there was only those three albums. You know, so it's like, and on an album then, how many songs, you know, three songs on, on Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac, three songs on Rumours, five songs on Tusk? Well, I was writing constantly, you know? So I would have 30 songs. Of which maybe 15 would be demoed. And three would go on the record and then I'd have 12 songs left. So those would go into the song vault, so every time we'd do a record whether it's Fleetwood Mac or me, or whatever, there's the song vault songs, so, I just gave Lindsey 17 demos, of songs that go all the way back to the 70's, that he had never heard. [Laughs] That he had never heard! And he had no idea that, you know, because we don't live together anymore, he doesn't even realize that I still write like I did then. So it's, you know, it's, it seems that the songs are written, and then they go into a little hope chest and someday when the time is right they come out.

Stevie Nicks: It's, you know, it is cool. It's, it's kind of a, an interesting premise to think of Fleetwood Mac without Christine. Since it's her choice. You know, it's not our choice, it's her choice, we can't do anything about it. But, if you take Chris out of the mix, then you kind of take that synthesizer organ out of the mix. And then what happens? Then Fleetwood Mac goes back to being a much more guitar-oriented band. Which means that we can go back into a lot of things that we didn't do that much of. Blues, Buckingham Nicks. The fact that there is, you know, as soon as Chris and Lindsey and I started singing together, Lindsey's and my Don and Phil Everly thing went away. And it became a set of trio singers. So now it's not a trio, what has to happen, it has to go back to Lindsey and me. So I think this is a very interesting concept, this is exciting to me, because this is new. This is what Lindsey and I started out to do.

TC: So the new album, the new Fleetwood Mac next year would be all original material, then, right?

Stevie Nicks: Oh yeah. Absolutely.

TC: And then you guys would probably tour, and...

Stevie Nicks: And we'd absolutely tour because, you know, we all really would like to do this one more time. And, I've really decided that it's gonna happen and when I decide something's gonna happen, I'm gonna make it happen, you know, it will happen. And I'm like the little, you know, I'm the little peacekeeper, I'm talking to everybody and I'm making sure Lindsey's got the new songs and, it's like I'm building it now, you know, but I've been doing this for 100 years. Whenever I'm doing my solo work I'm always working on Fleetwood Mac too. And whenever I'm doing Fleetwood Mac, I'm always kind of working on my solo work, so for me it's all this one big project.